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By DreMartins#8666 - SUBSCRIBER - March 19, 2023, 16:57:59

The English Community is organizing a League with 10 invited Teams that usually do the KTA Tournaments.

We want to share and hype the PvP in the English Community with this Event!

The Event will be streamed and there will be rewards for the viewers:

50mk to win in terms of predictions, you can watch the games and predict what team will win, if in the end you have the most points you get the kamas!

What is the Echo League?
The Echo League is a tournament organized by the community for the community. We want to create a league with the best and most consistent English teams of today, those serious players who enjoy the game, but also want to be constantly participating in this type of tournaments and looking to improve their future participation in official KTA tournaments.

Tournament Objectives: To maintain and improve the level of the English teams in view of the upcoming KTA tournaments. In addition, generate gradual knowledge via streamers to the English community of the tournament server and the Draft mode, thus creating a base of potential new players for the next editions of the tournament or other tournaments, including the same KTA.

Tournament Format:
League tournament with 10 teams in Draft mode, with league phase + final phase in tournament server.

The 10 teams will be invited, as we are looking for a serious tournament with constant teams that give certainty of participation from the beginning to the end of the tournament, especially in a tournament with long duration.

Teams can be formed by 1 to 4 players (we recommend to go with a team, to avoid forfeits).

The tournament will be played mainly on Weekdays. Weekends can be arranged for some dates as long as both teams agree. We ask to use this resource only if it is strictly necessary to avoid a forfeit.

League Phase: (BO2)
Week 1: 2 rounds, your team plays against 2 teams in Bo2.
Week 2: 2 rounds
Week 3: 2 rounds
Week 4: 3 rounds

Final Phases (Bo3):
Teams 1 and 2
go directly to the semi-finals.
Teams 3-6 advance to the quarterfinals.
Quarterfinals: played at the teams' disposal during the week, otherwise earlier on Saturday.
Semifinal: Saturday
Final: Sunday

STREAMS (use them to see the match that you predicted on/support your team or just support the streamer itself)

astrognome1 - Twitch
timewellspent_t - Twitch
aloobert - Twitch


DISCORD (important)

Hope Everyone Enjoys
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Lets go Endless!! Also very excellent that the English community can do this! hope to see more in the future <3
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Lets Go Endless!! All the best
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Week 1 Matchups:

(Don't forget to join the Discord to have a chance to win 50mk with Predictions) 

Date Coming Soon

You can also finally predict to get a chance to win 50 MK, all for free.
Use this link to join the Discord to know all the info:


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Echo Cup Trailer

Twitter: Echo League on Twitter

You can still try your chance to win 50mk just by predicting who you think will win!
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Week 1 Leaderboard 


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