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By [Manaia] - ADMIN - April 16, 2018, 11:00:00
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Can you make the spawn rate of trees faster in this server? i made a new character just to see what start is like again and i swear i been waiting almost 40 minutes just to gather 16 logs to craft a starting item for a quest

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That is normal because of starting. In a few days this will be better. It's kinda like a race for the top place after all, so you gotta be quick if you want to proceed.

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More answers were added to Sabi's post. smile

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well if you didnt preregister no leaderboards for me so will not be playing on it

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not going to wait an extra 7 days by that point all other good players will be far ahead

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Will transfering to Echo be possible once July the 31st comes around? Additionally I have no more available character slots, with 7 lvl 200s characters and one 199 - will I need to purchase another to be able to transfer?
If I am unable to transfer on the 31st, can the character be saved aside or will I need to transfer right away?

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I do love the idea.. It creates a more timeless effect or affect with the temporis server but when it comes to an end everyone can transfer their character to a another server for no charge? Because I don't want to put effort and time into a character and then not be able to play my character again falling into a money scam just to play my character again so please explain the server transfer whether it will be free of no charge or not because I love the idea its great.

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Will the transfer at the end of the server be free?
The transfer will be free, provided you have available character slots to accommodate your character transfer. 
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Is there any way to un-invite friends? 

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