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Temporis IV: About the Live Stream

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - March 13, 2020, 18:30:00

A new Temporis adventure is about to be written... A new experience, never seen before, will be offered to you very soon. Back to today's live show dedicated to it...

In order to be as prepared as possible for what this new Temporis game and its mysterious Scrollsayers have in store for you, a live event took place today on our Twitch platform. Here's a look back at the important elements that were covered:

Temporis IV is the merge of improved Temporis II rules with a new character evolution system centred around spells. On the classic servers, when a character levels up, they either unlock a new spell or see a spell gain a level. On Temporis IV, you need to get the spells by completing server goals – players no longer “get” spells by leveling up.

We wanted to ensure that both new Temporis players and veteran rushers could both enjoy the server at their own pace, all the while allowing everyone to visualize their progress on the server easily.


  • The Temporis IV spell concept is created around a passive and active spell system: each class can have a passive spell, but not all classes will have one; the same for active spells: some might have two, other none. It is this concept that will allow for the class identities to come forward and allow for a gameplay differentiation.
  • Types of spells:
    • Weapon skill
    • Passive spell
    • Active spell
    • Common spells
    • Craftable spells
  • Spells can be obtained through different game objectives:
    • Loot from monsters
    • Tempotons
    • Craft (new profession)
    • GM events
    • Influencers/Streamers
  • A pool of 300+ spells that can be used by all classes.
  • A player can only have 10 active spells at a time. This will allow for the creation of unique characters. Huge sandbox potential.
  • +Players can learn and unlearn spells at all times between fights, via the new spell interface.
  • All Spell scrolls are grouped by level brackets and can be dropped by monsters or a close level. Different monsters will drop different spell scrolls of the same level.
  • Spell scrolls will have character level requirements to be used, but not to be dropped, which means that the spell scroll’s level is dependant on the level of the monster that was defeated and not the character’s level.

New Profession

  •  “Scrollmage”
  • Some spells can only be obtained via crafting. To craft a spell scroll, players will need to use droppable spells scrolls in the recipe.

Character Management

  • A new interface allows players to manage their character and the spells they have gathered.
  • Ease in creating and sharing builds via a sharing system.


  • Spells will become a pillar of the Temporis IV economy.
  • Spells can be sold in Marketplaces, merch mode, etc.


  • Increased reward tiers to provide players with more goals
    • Ceremonial items – set
    • Titles
    • Emotes
    • Boots (equipped via the costume slot)
  • In-game items that will help players progress directly on the server
  • A Petsmount with stats that players will unlock with tempotons early on in their Temporis IV adventure. It will evolve both in terms of appearance and stats.. Depending on the progress reached at the end of the Temporis IV server, players will be able to bring back the petsmount to their server as a ceremonial petsmount, with the unlocked appearance of their choice.
  • 100% XP potion linked to the account.


  • A Profession XP bonus will be activated on the server so to reduce the amount of time needed on levelling certain professions that will still be needed (such as consumables – bread, fish, meat, potions, etc.).
  • Keys, guildogems, and alliagems will be dropped by monsters: we want the player community to settle as soon as possible so to best enjoy the duration of their Temporis experience.
  • Hundreds of goals specific to Temporis IV, some of which that won’t be accessible to players for the first few weeks.
  • In-game events with Game Masters.
  • No Kolossium.

PVP tournament

  • Last 2 weeks of the server
  • 2v2
  • No class restrictions
  • Two phases
    • Qualification rounds
    •  Final phase
  • Spell ban kick off in the 16 finals·
  • Rewards
    • Champion set
    • Exclusive Temporis Petsmount


  • Improved Temporis II equipment drop system
  • DOFUS can be obtained via quests or as a drop (with a feeble drop rate)
  • All equipment items are grouped by level brackets and can be dropped by monsters of a close level. Equipment items of the same level won’t be dropped by the same monsters, just like with spell scrolls.


  • Pre-registration: mid-March
  • Server opening: March 31
  • Server closing: To be confirmed


What are the unique rewards on Temporis IV?
As you progress through the Temporis IV servers, you will receive an exclusive petsmount which will evolve:


At the end of the server, you will receive a ceremonial version of this petsmount on the classic servers.

A ceremonial set and emotes will also be available.

What are the specific rules for this Temporis Edition?



  • Your character will have access to a limited number of spells depending on its class. Some classes even only have a passive spell available!
  • You will then have to obtain spells by collecting them from monsters, by crafting them using the "scrollmagus" profession, by completing achievements... or by exchanging them with other players! These spells can be used by all classes.
  • Of all the available spells, you will have to choose 10 that you can use in battle. You can of course change this choice of 10 spells between each battle. You can also at any time unlearn a spell and turn it into a scroll to exchange it.

Equipment drop

Temporis IV reuses the mechanics already used during Temporis II: the equipment items dropped on monsters.

What will become of the crafting and harvesting professions? Will consumables be dropped by monsters?

Consumables will have to be crafted, which maintains the interest in crafting and harvesting professions.

Concerning these types of items: keys, soul stones, guildalogems and alliagems, nets for mount capturing. 

Keys, guildalogems and alliogems will be dropped monsters. The mount capture nets and soul stones will have to be crafted.

How do I get kolossokens?

You can obtain them by exchanging nuggets.

Concerning these types of items: trophies, idols, and Dofus eggs.

Trophies will be dropped by monsters, just like the equipment items. New to this Temporis adventure, Dofus eggs will also be dropped by monsters. On the other hand, the idols will have to be crafted.

Will Loot be impacted by Prospecting?

Drops will be obtained in the same way as on the other "regular" servers, and will, therefore, be linked to prospecting.

What will be the drop rate(s) of items? Are equipment items distributed according to monster types?

Each equipment item is droppable by a limited number of monsters. The distribution is made according to the level of the equipment item, without any link to the monster family or the theme of the set itself.
The higher the level of an equipment item, the lower the drop rate.


Will the Kolossium be available?
The rules of Temporis servers are too different from those of other servers to allow Temporis players to access the ISK (Inter-server Kolossium).


Payments and purchases

Here is the list of services that will not be available on Termporis IV:

  • Character transfer service to another server (classic)
  • Character restoration service
Of course, the character transfer service to another Temporis IV server will be available free of charge.

All services not in this list are therefore allowed on the server.

The Kama Exchange will not be available on the Temporis IV servers.


Purchased items listed below will be re-credited to you at the end of Temporis IV:

  • Sets, pets, ceremonial petsmounts.
  • Harnesses
  • Emotes
  • Fatal Blows
  • Pets
  • Living items
  • Pre-sentient (autopilot) potion

Items that will not be re-credited to you:

  • Mystery box reserved for Temporis 
  • Name Change Potion
  • Guild Name Change Potion
  • Color Change Potion
  • Sex change potion
  • Face change potion
  • Transformation Potion
  • Guild Emblem Change Potion
  • Alliance Emblem Change Potion
  • Alliance renaming potion
  • Fairyworks
  • Mimisymbics

All purchases or items that are subject to immediate consumption will not be returned. So if you purchase a class change potion, and you have used the service, even if the character is not transferred at the end of the server, you will not be entitled to a refund or compensation, so be careful before making your purchases.
For more clarity, we will add to the item description in the shops the items that will be transferred to you. Please make sure that this mention is present if you wish to be able to enjoy your purchases after the server closes.



  • The Haven Bag lottery will be activated on Temporis IV but the items obtained will not be transferred.
  • The transfer from the gift interface of your compensokens, shigekax candies and pearldrops obtained as a result of rollbacks of the classic servers will not be possible on Temporis IV.
  • Remember that access to the Temporis servers is reserved to subscribed accounts.

At the end of Temporis IV

Characters created on Temporis IV are not transferable to a regular server. An experience potion corresponding to the progress of your character will be credited to your account at the end of the adventure.

Will the XP be linked to a character or linked to an account?
The experience potion will be linked to the account. You will receive it via the gift interface, which will allow you to choose the server on which you wish to receive it. It won't be possible to transfer this potion on characters on the Shadow, Oto-Mustam and Thanatena servers.
Please note that you will not be able to credit experience potions from previous Temporis versions on Temporis IV servers.

Will we be able to transfer Kamas at the end of Temporis IV?

Will we be able to transfer the equipment items we dropped at the end of Temporis IV?

Will we be able to transfer professions and achievements at the end of Temporis IV?

Server access

Do you need to be a subscriber to participate?
Yes, only subscribed players will be able to access Temporis IV servers.

Is it a mono-account server?
Yes, with the same restrictions as the previous Temporis.

Can I play on the same Temporis IV server as my brother/friend/pet, from the same IP?
Yes, you can play together as long as you respect these requirements:
  • The accounts must be certified under different names, and
  • The accounts must have a valid phone number and email address, and different on both accounts.

To discover or rediscover the live in its entirety, it's here:

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We remind you that pre-registrations for the Temporis IV servers will open on March 17!
First Ankama intervention

Replying to trilkgh

Suggested. I'll keep you posted!

See message in context
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Petition to remove pod limits this time lmao

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Suggested. I'll keep you posted!

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Okay, now this is epic.

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Field testing Waven?

Temporis is the new Beta Server. I remember suggesting a long time ago, that in order to motivate players into wasting their time testing new contents in beta, they should give out reward to beta testers.

BTW: Also remembered a thread on an old suggestion on a new profession that craft spellscrolls.

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Testing new ideas or not... to me it looks like really fun experience and therefore not a waste at all. And you do even get some rewards afterwards. It might consider playing the game again.

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Hmmm are those visible boots?
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Costume epaulettes and boots :0

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So looking forward to it!

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you can use kama exchange to buy subscription on the echo server.

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Seems like we're about to witness the best temporis server ever to be released, I can't wait

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All this work for something that will last for such a short time and then be thrown out...

I really hope that results of this work get used in a more meaningful way in the future.

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"Increased reward tiers to provide players with more goals"
"Hundreds of goals specific to Temporis IV, some of which that won’t be accessible to players for the first few weeks."

Will more goals equal more tempotons?

The mount and the emotes look great and I have to admit i really like them. My problem with temporis and previous temporis is the lack of goals that give you tempotons. The last two temporis editions i felt it was incredibly hard to get some of the rewards (considering the short amount of time you had to get them), and I'm pretty sure that on the last one there was at least 1 reward that nobody got. What is the point of creating these rewards if only a small % can get them? 
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"What is the point of creating these rewards if only a small % can get them? "

It is all about "Effort vs Reward". The more effort you put into the game, the more reward you receive. The point is only those who beast mode gets the beastly rewards.
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I second the pod limit thing. Should be increased or removed completely xD I had to make a pod set to run between fights last time. Pretty annoying :-)

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Thank you Ankama for a solid translation for the EN community so quickly. Lots of new content, good + quick EN translations, exciting build-up - really job well done.

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How do you get to that server? When does it suppose to open?

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Pre-registration: mid-March
Server opening: March 31
Server closing: To be confirmed

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The spells specific class start for example eliotrope, portal and neutral. Will be possible to get instead of neutral which close 1 portal to get interruption to close them all?

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You should make this permanent I'd play it forever

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Are material drop rates affected by someway? I remember that in temporis II all material drop chances were ridiculously low.

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Make it last forever <3 Could even put updates  with random new spells, no balancing really needed (to an extent) since all classes can use ^^ 

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