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Tempo Weekly #8: replay!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - May 25, 2020, 17:00:00
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THE weekly event has arrived! Djinn and Nazkan for the first part, followed by Logan and Kewl for the question-and-answer portion, are back to share more updates about Temporis IV, and to answer your questions as well. Watch the replay!

Forget everything you know. Temporis IV is right on time to set things straight!

A magic wind is blowing over the World of Twelve, and class spells are getting all mixed up in an unstoppable storm! At this very moment, thousands of you are clobbering monsters and collecting new spells to try and build the perfect deck.

Every week, Djinn and Logan take a deep dive into the Temporis servers to see what you've been doing. It's time to see if you've risen to the challenge!

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On the agenda for this week's Q&A:


Temporis IV:

When will the current Temporis end?

June 16!

Can Temporis rewards be collected on multiple servers?

Yes. You are never required to transfer the full contents of a package to only one character. All rewards and items are transferred to your gift interface; you can then assign the rewards and items collected to whatever character you like, on whatever server.

Will the Kama Exchange be available before Temporis ends?

No, that's not on the agenda.

Will there be a Fuji Snowfoux event with Logan?

Yes. Logan had wanted to do one during the week of May 11, but it wasn't possible. He'll plan another one as soon as possible.

Do you have any news or clues related to "Dark Ray"?

You'll find it in a place where you shouldn't make too much noise!

Can homes be purchased in Temporis?

Yes, they absolutely can.

Will we be able to purchase rewards with nuggets after Temporis ends?

No, it won't be possible to buy rewards from this Temporis using nuggets on a permanent server.

Could there ever be a permanent Temporis server?

Temporis is a temporary server. It's a fun server intended for a limited period, which also allows us to try out new mechanics and systems. Currently, there are no plans to create a permanent server with the current model. We would have to set up constant support for a server of this type, which is simply not possible.

Can the griffin be collected on multiple servers? How does this work with skins?

You can only collect your reward once, so that means on only one server.
For example, when you finish Temporis, your character will have unlocked the first 3 Grifforis skins. A few days after the servers close, you'll receive your rewards through your gift interface. So at that point, you'll have the griffin you unlocked, and you'll have the option to choose between the 3 skins you unlocked.

There is an exception for people who have leveled two characters in Temporis and earned enough Tempokens with each character to unlock the griffin. These players will be able to assign each griffin to different servers.

Why are you allowing class duplicates in the end-of-Temporis tournament?

This was explained in the first part of the show; given that spells are shared by all classes, the classes are much less important. That's why we decided to open up the tournament to duos of a single class type.

How long after the Temporis servers close will we get our rewards and XP potions?

The rewards and potions will be available in the weeks after Temporis ends. We try to deliver the rewards quickly, but given the number of people involved and the actions required to get all the information we need for each player, this process takes time.



When will there be new content?

As we've announced, the next update, Pandala, will be much more than a simple revamp. We'll have more details very soon.

When will there be another class balancing update?

We're planning on an update sometime this year that will include changes to certain classes.
However, it's important to understand that balancing is a guiding principle. We can't balance all 18 classes at the same time. Besides, not every class would need to be completely reworked. Sometimes it's a matter of changing a few values to make the class more competitive. Other times, more work is required. We've been continuously working on balancing, and we'll continue to do so.
As for all the questions about things being buffed or nerfed, be aware that our game designers work on this every day. We'll announce any balancing changes required, along with the affected classes, when the time comes.

Will the anniversary event in the Ankama offices be returning to the game?

There are pros and cons! This is being discussed within the team.
So for the time being, we don't know if the event will return. We'll let you know once we have more information, or possibly to ask for your opinions with a survey.

Are you planning to add more Dofus?

We still have some Dofus on standby, but that's not to say they'll just miraculously appear. The Dofus are among the surprises we like to save until the last minute.

What are your thoughts on the learning curve that is tough for certain classes?

Not every class is easy to play; some are more accessible, while others are much trickier to learn and play, which is normal. In any case, we encourage you to try out the first few spells of a class to gauge how difficult it is.

Will changes be made to the Cania bandits quest?

Changes were made two months ago to make this quest easier, but given that this quest is required to obtain a Primordial Dofus, we think it's important for the quest to not be too easy. In the lore, Primordial Dofus are the most powerful objects that exist. Therefore, quests relating to these objects shouldn't be a walk in the park.

Are you planning to overhaul AvA?

Yes, we already announced this in the KrosmoNote. We will be reworking all the social aspects of the game – so, not just AvA, but groups and guilds as well. We'll give you more information as needed.

Are there plans to make more single-account servers?

As Jahash just went live, there are no current plans to launch another single-account server.

Because of Belgian law, opening loot boxes is banned. Is it possible to obtain rewards other than through loot boxes?

To be more precise, Belgian law doesn't ban loot boxes; the Belgian government issued a recommendation that aims to reduce loot boxes. We decided to proactively comply with this recommendation and stop selling loot boxes in Belgium, even though we are not legally required to do so. By the same token, in an effort to be transparent, we have decided to clearly display the chance of obtaining items as a percentage. We felt this would be more accurate and honest.
Currently, we don't have a way to ensure that Belgian players can access these items under ideal circumstances. If we wanted to make these items available, we would have to charge a high price for them to match their value in relation to the chance of obtaining the items from loot boxes, which is not an option. The only option is to wait for these items to be sold by players after a few months. We're sorry, but this is an ethical issue we want to respect.

Any plans for an overhaul of the Ochre Dofus?

There's no comprehensive overhaul planned for this quest, but we may modify a few objectives in the current quest, including (for obvious reasons) some changes to the Pandala Archmonsters. We'll have more to say in due time. But for the Ochre quest in general, there are no changes forthcoming.

Planning to make any changes to Infinite Dreams?

Nothing is planned for Infinite Dreams at this point.

Are there plans to add an interface for achievements in dungeons?

Yes, we're working on that, as well as on a number of areas related to interfaces (smithmagic, inventory, etc.). You'll have to be patient; this is coming in a future update.

Are you planning to sell the incarnations needed for certain quests and resolve the issues related to these quests?

We're not currently planning to offer incarnations for sale again.

Prysmaradites are very rarely played right now; what do you think about their frequency of use?

If they are rarely used, it's because they are end-game content. But we consider them to be useful options for optimization. For that matter, Logan has noticed some builds using Prysmaradites in a few tournaments.

Will you be developing any updates solely for heroic servers?

Heroic servers are fairly specific. They consist of players that are very consistent but in relatively small numbers. In other words, doing specific updates would be a big investment for not many people. That is why we prioritize the "standard" servers and have no current plans to release an update specifically for the heroic servers.

Are you aware of the bugs affecting Huppermage spells?

Yes, we're aware of this and working on it right now. We're looking at ways to fix certain bugs, and we'll let you know as soon as we have more information.

Are there plans to nerf the Corruption cloak?

There are currently no plans to do this.

Are you preparing to release a new class?

Not currently, no.

When will the bugs affecting the pre-sentient system be gone?

We're aware of the problem and we're working on it.

Do you think you'll remove the experience bonus received after creating a new character?

No, we're not planning to do that at this time.

Would it be possible to increase the size of the Noxine?

Yes, this is a possibility we're going to look at.

Could you make it so professions are linked to accounts instead of to characters?

No, that's not something we want to do.

DOFUS Retro:

Is there a new date for the DOFUS Retro merger?

We hope to reschedule a date soon! We're waiting for things to return to normal to some degree. We're in a transitional phase with server economies, and we hear your concerns. With the merger approaching, people are withholding sales, which hinders activity in the marketplace. With a little patience, after the merger, everything will return to normal and the economy will recover and be much more active!

As a reminder, the purpose of this delay is to ensure that this merger goes smoothly, under the best possible conditions. It's important to remember that DOFUS Retro is a version that came before all the tools we've developed for server mergers. This means that the process of establishing optimal conditions to complete this merger involves a lot of complex work.
No one wants a merger where just 25% of the players log in during the first two hours and buy up all the available items right after the servers open.
We could start merging servers now, but there's absolutely no guarantee that this would work out.
In addition, with the current population on the servers, it's not necessarily in our interest to rush the merger. We can't easily re-merge servers that have already been merged. So it's better to wait for things to go completely back to normal before proceeding with the merger.

When we have more information about the merger date, we'll announce this on the website.

How many servers will there be after the Retro merger?

As initially planned, there will be three.

When will sex change, color change, and name change potions be added to DOFUS Retro?

We've been hoping for a while now to offer you some services for your characters! They will be coming to Retro soon, and update 1.32 laid the groundwork for this. We wanted to add them this week (May 19), but we had to postpone this due to technical constraints. We'll let you know when these services are ready to be added to the shop!
In addition, you can visit the forum thread where we invite you to tell us what you'd like to see added to the Retro shop! Whether it's a set, a pet, or something else, feel free to let us know what you're interested in.

When will we get a single-account server for DOFUS Retro?

There's nothing planned for the time being.


Will there be perks in DOFUS during the WAKFU Season 4 Kickstarter?

Yes, all will be revealed when the Kickstarter launches on June 8, but there will be rewards in DOFUS, as well as in all the other games. We want this Kickstarter to be a kind of celebration of all the different games and dimensions of Ankama!

Do you plan to hire community managers for the international communities?

We currently have several international community managers. The English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese communities each have their own community manager. For the time being, we don't plan to hire any others.

Do you have any news about the multi-account launcher?

Our teams are working on this. When we have new information to share, we'll be sure to let you know.

There you go! See you next Tuesday at 11 a.m. (Paris time) for another live Tempo Weekly!
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