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Urgent ~ Temporis Card Bug?

By Blue-Hue-Zero#8283 - SUBSCRIBER - April 29, 2021, 20:56:21
Hello I am unsure where your bug reports are to be posted so I've posted it on the relevant server fourm. Move if necessary.

Currently the [Wobots] level 77 card is returning the [Damadrya's Bamboo Grove Key]  level 110 @ the EcaCity Key Trader

There are several other bugs involving level 70 cards returning this [Damadrya's Bamboo Grove Key]

There seems to be no clear way of receiving a Wa Wabbit's Warren Key which is a necessary farming location for the [Whitepaw Wabbit Staff] a low drop inside the dungeon its self needed to level from 74 to 75
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Wobots not giving a Warren key does make re-running the dungeon at the same level difficult. Gourlo the Terrible boss cards from Otomai Island do give a Wa Wabbit Warren Key when exchanged with Feline in Ecaflip City.
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Rofl yes, this was working as intended. Terrible tempo imo nfm.
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