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How Ankama could have saved Temporis V (and maybe still can)

By Nazarbayev#6797 - SUBSCRIBER - June 13, 2021, 23:13:16

The biggest obvious problem with Temporis V is the issue of gear, or I should say... the mystery card combinations in making it. Aside from having already to do the work of dropping or crafting cards, the shear annoyance of needing to find the right combinations to get the gear that players want is an act of absolute frustration. I probably should have written this post before, but after one week of Temporis, I basically returned to the stability of Echo. However, having an urge to grab a couple of low-level prizes, yesterday I logged back into Temporis, just to see if things might have eased up, and hoping that other players were selling off their low-level gear at deep discounts. I discovered the opposite - the prices of popular gear are astronomical, and there is very little even on the market!

What Ankama should have done upon learning that few players wished to turn Temporis into a second career was to have made the card combinations for crafting gear into searchable recipes, like in normal play, or at least have shown what a combination of cards would produce, before needing to click on combine (calling sure combinations "play" is not really a random game, but you could have made the products random in the first place, offering a range of gear options with certain combinations).

If Ankama wants to salvage this Temporis, it should make card combinations visible, and then extend the server period by a month. Some may say that the most active players would then have an advantage in gaining the highest prizes, but I cannot see this Temporis as anything but a failure if these steps are not taken. Thank you.

P.S. The biggest little problem is the issue of tp potions. I suggest making these directly craftable, not just buyable. Keys should also be directly craftable. This issue is also a real drag to keeping players interested. So, you have a week to fix it all. GL^^

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I'm also someone who wanted a way to save all of the recipes found. Either a community tab for all the recipes found by all the players or an individual tab for each player with all their found recipes. I think it would make it easier to share recipes in-game as well as help with game progression. That said, I do not agree with your view on this Temporis.

Even before Temporis V servers opened, players were already organizing themselves to help catalog each card combination. There are several websites available with hundreds of card combinations for all levels. Not only that, you have complete lists with cards necessary for all the leveling progression, as well as exchange ratios for the golden cat in Ecaflip city or even which card can be traded for which key. Personally, I feel that the Dofus player community was incredibly industrious in making sure that all the information was gathered and spread around. Of course, during the first two weeks of Temporis, information was still being gathered, but I felt that I could always find what I needed within my guild or alliance. And if that was not possible then I would find it in different discords, created to share Temporis related content. After a month of playing, I felt that there was nothing that I could not find. The point being, not having the card combinations made available was meant to get the community involved and promote player interaction. I believe that on this front it was actually pretty well done.

Even though I feel that were many aspects of Temporis V that were lacking and could have been done better, I do not feel that this was one of them. I have already talked about some of my issues with Temporis somewhere else, so I won't be going over them here. All in all, this wasn't a bad Temporis, I had fun playing it, but it's not even close to being my favorite edition. Hopefully, Ankama will take the feedback from this experience and improve for the next one smile


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I suppose that we will have to agree to disagree. The whole system seemed needlessly complex and tedious. Further, I am beyond the point at which I wish to devote large amounts of time to cataloguing game play issues. A few years ago, I was a major contributor to the wiki, now fandom, site, writing hundreds of pages and using every trick in the book to improve SEO, actually getting it back into the 200s of WAM scores for a period. After an argument with the then only active admin, I stopped contributing officially, as I realized that Ankama was doing most of the cataloguing itself in its own encyclopedia, and thus could, in accordance with the fandom partnership program, support the wiki itself. In short, all of that research was a non-Euclidean waste of time. Ankama could simply have just released the item recipes on Temporis V as soon as some player cracked one, allowing the "community" to do what we really want to do - play the game.

P.S. Ankama could have also done a better job on the mini-games, which were just so cumbersome and repetitive. I eventually just stopped, converted my richtokens to archtokens, and gave them to the only player who I knew and saw to still be active at the end. Their heart might have been in the right place, but fulfillment was weak this time. Temporis IV remains the touchstone of Temporis servers, in my opinion.

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