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I'm worried about Panda's barrels and Nyoro idols interaction

By Wattrom#9245 - SUBSCRIBER - September 18, 2021, 03:39:36

As a Panda you can deal damage to your barrel, which in turn will deal damage to the mobs around it, which will reflect that damage back to the barrels. Now there are a few possible outcomes: 

  1. The barrel is not invulnerable to the enemy's reflected damage(so it dies)
  2. The barrel is invulnerable, but does not propagate this source of damage
  3. The barrel is invulnerable, and it propagates the damage again, which will then be reflected again, which will be propagated again, ...and so on for infinite damage(game-breaking). (And maybe you will need the major and the great Nyoro for that, but it could still be done)

I'm not sure which one is the case, and even if the description would indicate is the 1st case, I wanted to point it out, so it doesn't happen to be the 3rd case after launch.
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