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Moderation on Temporis Server

By [Manaia] - ADMIN - April 25, 2018, 20:00:00


Their role is to improve the atmosphere of the server by ensuring compliance with the rules (little reminder), and sanctioning those who do not comply.
They address the bad use of the in-game channels, merchant mode abuse, bots, as well as a variety of inappropriate behaviours...
On the other hand, they do not deal with multi-accounting or bugs.

Multi-accounting - How to report it

The single account server, as the name implies, is a game mode reserved for players playing only one account, and restrictions have been put in place to prevent a player from using multiple accounts. To circumvent these restrictions is to violate the rules of this game mode, exposing oneself to heavy penalties that could lead to a permanent exclusion.
Despite the technical limitations in place, unscrupulous players do not hesitate to cheat, sometimes openly. Be aware however that if you come across such situation, whether you are the victim or a mere spectator, you have the opportunity to report the offending players.

Capture the moment

The first thing to do is to prepare one or two screenshots, on which it is important to include several things:
  • Show character names (keyboard shortcut "p" by default).
  • Perform a /whois on each of the characters. For King Of The Hill, the KofH interface icons should not be hidden and the chat should show "X attacks Y".
  • Perform a /time command.
  • Enlarge the chat if necessary. You can increase the size of the chat with the "+" button visible at the top left of the chat. This makes it possible to display more lines at the same time.
  • For improved readibility:
    • Disable combat messages, via chat options.
    • Switch to tactical mode.
  • The screenshot should not edited, censored, or cropped.

If you can not put everything on the same image (not having much time, talking players, battle information that scrolls, etc.), you can take several screenshots, but the /time command must appear every time.

Please note that the screenshots must meet these regulations, in order for action to be taken. Also, screenshots of rule-breaking players cannot be posted directly to the forum.

Contact Support

Once your screenshots are ready, you can contact the Ankama Support by creating a ticket on their wesite. The procedure is very simple:
  • Visit the Support website.
  • Fill in all the fields of the form correctly:
    • Request: "Ankama account".
    • More specifically: "Report a violation" > "Report a dishonest player".
  • In your message, add any additional information that you think is relevant (for example, explanations in case the player has boasted of playing multiple accounts, it will speed up the processing).
  • Do not forget to add the screenshots you have made; make sure to add the files at the very bottom of the form.
  • Once you submit of your ticket, it's done. Support will process your ticket as soon as it can. Remember that many of you contact Support, so it can take several days.