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Temporis Forum Rules

By [Manaia] - ADMIN - April 25, 2018, 22:35:15

There are a few rules for this forum, but don't worry, it'll be brief.

  • All threads must be for the Temporis servers only.
  • For Guild recruiting threads, please use this section of the forums. Each guild is allowed only one thread.
  • For Dungeon or Party requests, please add [Dungeon] or [Party] to your thread title. One thread per person per instance, please.
  • Please add [Buying] or [Selling] to your thread title when trading. No multiple threads for items or sales allowed.
  • Selling of accounts, characters, items or kamas for real money, and cross-game trades are ban-on-sight offenses.
  • No bumping, no all-caps titles, no cross-advertising, and no flaming.

Moderators are instructed to delete or lock threads or posts that do not follow the rules above on sight and without warning.

In addition the following also applies:
  • All other forum rules apply - no flaming, txt tlk, breaking the ToS, spamming, shouting, etc.
  • English is the only language permitted.
  • Respect your fellow users!