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Any info about new Temporis ?

By 10x6 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 03, 2018, 00:28:16

As the title says, is Ankama planning to announce another Temporis ? I think the demand for Temporis 1 and 2 was more than enough, i cant remember any time that i'd enjoyed the game that much and in the end character transfer is really solid option for us players

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I don't think there is any new information yet but in case you don't know already they announced the future ones to be opened sometime in 2019. If you read about the Temporis topic carefully, they also mentioned the possibilities of different formats for future seasons so it may not necessarily be mono account style again this time around. The cosmetic rewards was a huge disappointment for many but hopefully they will reflect better and bring forth better rewards that are satisfying to the player base.

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