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Newb *really* confused: Never done Temporis svrs before. A couple questions on how this werkz.

By Dunveganz - SUBSCRIBER - January 27, 2019, 17:26:31

I'm a bit unclear: If you sign up for the Temporis server what happens to your Echo characters?

I'd so appreciate a clue and a wee bit of help here.

I've read the thin documentation announcements Ankama posted, but it doesn't explain the ELI5 (explain like I'm 5) quick start basics of how joining Temporis works.

I'm afraid signing up for Temporis will affect my Echo chars in some way. If not, I'll be seeing you all when Temporis opens!

So, are existing chars on other servers affected?

If so....

Do my Echo chars get moved to Temporis? Do I have to lose my chars place on Echo? Do my Echo chars (or my main char on Echo) get removed from Echo and transferred to Termporis?

What other effects does registering on Termporis have on my Echo chars (if any)?

Waz sup? ktnx 4 answers!

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Your Echo characters are unaffected.

Think of it like playing on one of the current special servers. Oto Mustam, Ilyzaele, or Shadow. Your characters there are completely seperate from Echo and in no way affect them.

The Temporis server will be much like that, but when it ends the special ceremonial items you get from achievements, will be transfered to Echo. The new character you are forced to create on Temporis (you can not transfer a character over) will be lost as well, but all the xp it earns will turn into an "xp potion" you can give to a character on Echo.

So your characters on Echo suffer zero negative affects from playing a character on Temporis. However, if you do well enough on Temporis, you will be given some aesthetic awards on Echo.

Hope that clarifies things for you a little bit.

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