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Temporis II - XP Potion FAQ

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - April 08, 2019, 19:30:00
Can the experience potion bonus be multiplied by other experience bonuses such as the 5% experience with the Shield or the XP bonus given to additional characters (×2, ×3, ×4)? 
The experience potion is not affected by experience multipliers.

Will the potion give experience to my Dragoturkey? To my guild?
No, all XP will be allocated to the character.

When will the potions be available? 
The potion will not be given at the end of Temporis II, but will be distributed at a later stage.

Where can I find the experience potion?
The experience potion will be given out in the gift interface, in the same way as items bought in the shop.

Can the potions be used more than once? 
Experience potions can only be used once.

Can I use several experience potions on the same character?
Yes, you can use several potions on the same character.

Can the potions be transferred, traded, or sold?
Experience potions are linked to the account. We did not want this item to be able to be traded or bought by other players.

Can the potions be used on the Heroic server?
Experience potions cannot be used on the Epic or Heroic servers. 

Can I get an experience potion with characters that have been erased?
Erased characters do not provide experience potions. 

Do these potions have an expiry date?
Experience potions do not have an expiry date.

Can the potions be used in the next Temporis?
Experience potions cannot be used in future Temporis servers (if there are future Temporis servers happy)

I had the wrong character drink the potion. What should I do?
All we can do is tell you to be extremely careful when consuming an XP potion because it won't be possible to give you another if you use it on the wrong character, and neither the production team nor Support nor the community managers will be able to help you.

What will the potion look like in my inventory? Where will it be placed?
Like this: 

Will I be asked to confirm that I want to drink the potion before it is consumed?
A confirmation pop-up will appear before a character consumes the potion.

Can I use the potion on a Summons?
Even if an incarnation is equipped, all XP will be allocated to the character.

Does the potion take into account experience earned through professions?
Experience potions only concern character level.
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Woop, new level 199 without korri leeching x)

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Will the potions give 100% of the xp that we got in the temporis characters?

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Yes, sans omega levels.

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