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Temporis III: AnkamaLive - Q&A

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - July 16, 2019, 23:30:00
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On July 16, an AnkamaLive took place, fully dedicated to answering both English and French questions players were asking in Twitch chat, on the upcoming Temporis III (ok, with some exceptions ^^'). While a transcript of the entire Q&A wouldn't be possible, a summary of the great majority of the questions and answers can be found below.  Happy reading! Manaia  


Temporis III Q&A


Can I change class during Temporis III?

Yes, you will be able to purchase class change potions from the Dofus Shop throughout the Temporis III season.

Will we be able to change server if we don’t end up with who we want?

You can be placed on the same server as your friends if you want to. When we set up this new pre-registration system about two factions, we were aware that DOFUS has a social element to it, and people would want to play with friends. We needed to find a balance between the two alignments, and a way for players to register and invite friends so to end up on the same server. We will analyse the registrations, which friendship chains/groups registered together, which alignment, and we will allocate the players to the servers. This way, we ensure people get to play with friends, and that the servers' people end up on are balanced in terms of alignment.

What items can we obtain by donating kamas to a faction’s city?

When certain milestones are reached, bonuses can be obtained. The kama investment doesn’t give you resources, equipment or anything of the sort. You get specific tokens (same as during Temporis II, they help you keep score to unlock the Temporis ceremonial items). Additionally, specific rare consumables can be obtained, which will allow you to leave jail without having to pay the NPC or wait to be rescued. Again, these will be in scarce!

What items will be transferred at the end of Temporis III? Will items be droppable?

The idea is to once again provide a fresh and new game experience, different from Temporis II. Equipment won’t be dropped, as this isn’t the server’s theme either. We think there is a great potential with this Bonta vs Brakmar concept.
Each Temporis experience is different. For each one, we will experiment with different things, instead of simply adding something new to already existing particularities present on the server. Maybe one day we might end up going for a Temporis mashup of all the different Temporis experiences we have proposed so far, who knows? We haven’t ruled out the idea yet. ;)

Is Temporis III a PvP server?

No. While it is true that people can aggress one another, players will have to PvM in order to win.
Temporis III is a mixed server with PvM and PvP elements. PvP is used to slow down the opposing faction. You cannot win if you just PvP.

How do we see the evolution of the marketplaces during such a short period of time, considering items won't be dropped?

There will be extra things to facilitate the progression at the start of the server. Players who will invest time and effort will be able to gain additional bonuses. We explored the possibility of invested players, not just in terms of kama donations but also in terms of achievements specific to Temporis and alignment quests, gaining characteristic bonuses, like for example prospecting.

The objective isn’t to mass produce or have all equipment available and crafted on the server, as it could happen on a classic server. The approach isn’t the same for players: Temporis III needs to be addressed as a temporary server with its own set of rules. Even in terms of its game experience, it is different from a classic server.

Do we have specific rewards for defeating a player from the opposing alignment?

No, but not because we don’t want to: we want to avoid cheating. We are merely concerned that some players would cheat, by teaming up with friends and quitting fights to grant each other advantages over players that would play by the rules. It would just be too simple.

With Kolossium deactivated on Temporis III, how can we purchase resources with kolossokens?

The same way it was done on Temporis II: nuggets can be exchanged with kolossokens. The opportunity is there to have full-on Bonta vs Brakmar confrontations to generate nuggets, to then obtain pebbles for crafts.

What of the kamas given to the NPC to exit jail? How much will it cost to leave, and will those kamas count towards the progression of the opposing alignment?

We are still testing details like these, but it is prorated. While it will be cheap at low level, the higher level a player is, the more expensive it becomes.
This idea of having the jail kamas count towards to opposing faction’s progress is interesting. Alas, it would be difficult to prevent cheating, as it could be used to force the transfer of kamas from one faction to another. Since we couldn’t find an elegant solution to this problem, the kamas are destroyed.
It is essential to remind everyone that the victory at the end of Temporis III will lie solely on the players' donated kamas to their faction. Kamas used to leave prison are kamas that won’t contribute to a player’s faction progress.

Will there be new quests and new exclusive content for Temporis III?

No, we haven’t created new content. We have, however, implemented a new set of achievements which, in return, are based on already existing content.
In saying that, the Game Master team has been brought into the Temporis III brainstorm sessions and have been working hard, coming up in-game events. We ask them to avoid using words such as “head hunter” but who knows what they will come up with. There might be some kama rewards at the end of these events also… ;)

Will alignment wings still be around?

The rules will be the same as they were on classic servers, with the difference now being that you cannot put your wings “down”. Aggression rules are also the same: you cannot attack a player in Astrub, in Astrub's surrounding areas, at zaaps, nor inside dungeons. You can, however, find yourself getting aggro'ed at a dungeons entrance or exit map, so watch out. While in the jail cell itself, players cannot be aggressed. However, the rest of the map is fair game (or else things would be too simple).
Wings will grow with PvP victories.

Once Temporis III is live, will players be allowed to choose their server (post-registration phase)?

Yes. However, if a server is predominantly Brakmarian, and you wish to join it as a Brakmarian yourself, you might not be able to.

What about AvA? Do they become Bonta vs Brakmar AvA? Will there still be prisms?

The system remains the same as on classic servers. As mentioned earlier, alliances can’t have members of different factions. In saying that, nothing stops you – in true Brakmarian style – to covet an area owned by another Brakmarian alliance and attack their prisms in order to steal the area. During KotH, keep in mind that if you don’t belong to an Alliance, you won’t be able to attack those who are trying to conquer an area.

If my friend and I both choose mercenary, will we be placed together?

As long as you registered together, as friends, you will be placed together on the same faction. If you made a mistake during the pre-registration phase, please know that you can go back and modify your registration, including your faction (so long as this one is available). You have until July 25.

What kind of rewards can we expect?

Same kind as those offered during Temporis II (such as cosmetics), with the theme differentiation (Bonta/Brakmar). Additionally, there are reward consumables that can help you progress during Temporis III, which won’t be transferable to classic servers once the server closes.


If I am Bontarian and Brakmar wins, does it mean I get nothing?

The rewards of the same kind as those from Temporis II are individual rewards, so these are independent of which faction wins at the end of Temporis.
The idea is to invest and donate progressively and daily. Some milestones and objectives are both individual and collective. Some bonuses are unlocked upon reaching specified milestones, and those bonuses benefit the entire faction across a server.

Will there be a temporary invulnerability after a PvM fight?

If it becomes a concern, we are not ruling out the possibility of eventually implementing small, simple rules that work quite well on the Heroic server. However, for now, this is not something we are planning.

Will Temporis III server be merged?

Looking back, we realised the Temporis II server merge came a little late. We also faced a technical challenge. This time around, we will merge the servers once we notice servers starting to become empty. And we will continue to ensure a balance between the two factions.
The kama donations per faction are global across all servers. Only one alignment will win across all Temporis III servers.

Will you create an alliance per faction, or will you leave it up to players?

We did think about it but who would we put as leader of the alliance? What rights would we give to Guild leaders? We believe it is best to let players decide if they want to make one massive alliance per faction, per server, or multiple alliances for each faction.

What happens if a level 100 attacks a level 30?

There is a good chance that the level 100 character wins. But it could be a decoy that then has its level 150 friends join in, sending the level 100 to jail.

What are mercenaries for?

It is a concept we decided to use for pre-registrations, mainly because we thought it was funny. We wanted to give players, who don’t necessarily have a preference towards either faction, a chance to play together and give extra bonuses.
You can say these players who chose the “mercenary” route don’t particularly care which side they are on and end up being “paid” (with extra consumables at the start of the server) to fight for the “weaker” side. Once a faction is assigned to them, it cannot be changed.

Those that will devote themselves 100% to PvP will be deemed as not being valid contributors to the server?

The objective is to win via PvM. Even if we wanted to reward PvPers, we can’t. It isn’t our objective to make this a PvP server.
PvM will advance your faction, PvP will delay the opposing faction. Temporis III is a mixed experience of both. To win, you will have to participate in both aspects of the game. While we understand the source of the concern, by stopping your opponents from progressing, you are still contributing to the war, even if you don’t win anything on a personal level.

Will there be permanent characteristic bonuses throughout Temporis III? Who benefits from them?

Yes, through the players’ investment. They will be elemental characteristics, damages, resistances, etc. The values will be small but will help players become stronger.
It benefits the entire alignment, but each must have a personal investment, not limited to kama donations (like alignment quests, for example).

How will we level professions?

Alitons can also be used to level professions. To level its profession from level 1 to level 200, a player will need 40 Alitons.
Alitons can be obtained by completing alignment quests. Additionally, each Temporis achievement completed gives 1 Aliton.

Will the militiamen return to the cities?

No, they won't. Despite all exceptions we discussed for Temporis, these servers have the same database as classic servers. To reinstate these mobs might have negative impacts on the classic servers, so we decided against taking that risk.

What is the point if, in the end, we don’t keep everything? Why can’t we keep our characters?

Temporis III is meant to be a short-term experience during which players rush to generate a maximum amount of kama to donate to their faction.
During Temporis I, people were able to keep their characters and transfer them to a classic server. For Temporis II, players got an XP potion.
For Temporis I, 97% of characters that were transferred to a classic server aren't played. For Temporis II, almost all XP potions were used.

Why not set up a system of minimum 10 aggressions a day before the NPC agrees to receive a donation?

People could cheat by asking a friend to allow them to win ten times in a row, while players following the rules will have a lot more difficulty in meeting this requirement.

The War effort: is it linked to the kama donations, alignment quests, PvP, controlled areas? How do the milestones work?

It is exclusively linked to the invested kamas, and you will discover the milestones in-game. While the values might seem astronomical, we based ourselves on the date gathered on Temporis II on what can be generated. If the values turn out to be too challenging, we will intervene if necessary. They are intentionally high so that we can adjust them if needed. If they were too low, it would be impossible to increase them if they were unlocked right at the beginning.
To clarify, if we do decide that the milestones need to be reduced, this will most likely happen towards the end of Temporis III.

Will the marketplaces be segregated and limited to their city?

Although we would have liked to do it, we weren’t able to due to technical restrictions. For Temporis III, the marketplaces will be common to both factions.

Will the ladder show how many Tempokens a player has gathered? What about how many kamas a player has donated to its faction?

The ladder will be slightly different from other ladders. It will be on the Temporis page that is currently used for pre-registrations. There will be plenty of information, and it will evolve over time.
There won’t be a ladder for professions.

Will Vulkania be accessible?

Yes, but accessing G&G might be complicated.

How long will a player be in jail?

For fifteen minutes (susceptible to change). We reserve the right to change this value if we see it doesn’t work out too well. Although we have tested it internally, we will modify it if it turns out to be too short or too long of a wait. If you have a secondary character, you will be able to log said character while your main is in jail.

Will there be alignment chats (Bontarian and Brakmarian) for Temporis III?

Unfortunately no, again because of technical restrictions on the client’s side making it impossible to restore these chats for this Temporis season.

How much XP do we gain from donating kamas?

A small amount. We wanted to accelerate progression at the beginning of the server. These XP gains, not being conditioned by a character’s level, will remain the same throughout a character’s level progression. As such, their impact will be more important at lower levels.

Miscellaneous questions

What of Sacriers and Srams class balancing?

Between now and next Tuesday, we will nerf Sacriers and buff Srams. We are aiming for next Tuesday but if we are happy with the changes made and we have the opportunity to do release it sooner, we will.
We won't make the Sacrier class useless and unplayable; we will balance the class because it is currently too powerful.

What is going on with the ladders since this morning?

We have fixed the ladders! Without going into too much detail: for the Infinite Dreams ladder, you need to enter the infinite dream dimension, and you will be re-listed onto the ladder. The Kolossium ladder was reset since a new season starts. Everything should be fine from now on.

What do you think of the Class balancing of Cra?

If we are to work on the Cra, it wouldn’t be just to make changes to values, but rather to make more substantial gameplay changes. It wasn’t done during the 2.52 update because we already had both Sacrier and Osamodas classes that took a lot of time, plus other class modifications. The Cra class wasn’t changed because a gameplay change requires a considerable time investment, something we couldn’t do during 2.52.
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Disable class change. I shouldn't have to explain why. (insert op class here) til 200 gear up class change 0 reason to play anything else... takes away competition or forces players to play (insert op class here) to be competitive

The reasoning for 1 alliance per allignment was perfect. alliance vs alliance will be pvping against the people who are on your side..? Who do you give leader? Well make it yourself lmao! it's a perfect way to control the fights going on around the world. But that would be too much work for y'all I guess happy

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Fifteen minutes of jail times seems far too little especially at higher levels, who's gonna pay kamas or invade the other alignment's main city to free someone from a fifteen minute jail sentence? Who's gonna attempt to PK other players to make their faction lose kamas if no one is going to pay kamas and instead will just sit out a 15 minute bathroom break? 

Fifteen minutes for low level players sounds fine, but imo it should definitely scale with level.

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