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Beta Server is OnlineBy: [Manaia] - 2 days ago
The beta server is now open.
  1. When you log onto the test server, create your character.
  2. Quit the tutorial.

Your professions will automatically be maxed (level 200). 
You will find a recall potion in your inventory that will take you to the Amakna Zaap [-2,0]. On that map, you will see 3 NPCs:
  • Test-a-Beast - equipments, scrolls, Dofus eggs, etc
  • Roon Zagaga and Ronn Zaplenty - Runes

Happy testing and happy gaming!

PS - You need to exit the tutorial/temple in order to get your professions set at level 200, and to get the recall potion (and BoK)!
PSS - Thank you all for your patience. wub

Temporis XP potion

The XP potion at the end of Temporis II will consist of 100% of your character's total gained level experience! That's right, the potion will allow you to get back all the level XP your character gained on Temporis! 
(Experience linked to professions will not be included)

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