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How to Report a bug

By [Manaia] - ADMIN - September 18, 2018, 20:00:00
Hello everyone! 

Now that the new 2.56 BETA is opening, it is important for us to work together as a community around the game and tackle any pesky bugs we might encounter. wink

Your feedback is very valuable to us as this testing is an important step in the development process prior to the update release.

To report a bug, please make sure to provide the following information (where applicable):
  • Character name:
  • Date and time:
  • Bug Title:
  • Summary of bug:
  • Steps to reproduce the bug:
  • Expected outcome:
  • Actual outcome:
  • Repeatability:
  • Evidence (gifs, screenshots,videos, logs, when applicable):

Please always write a separate bug report for each issue found.

Thank you in advance and see you on the BETA server! biggrin