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Still unable to leave the Skeleton Dungeon without learning chaferfu. 4YL?

By Blue-Hue-Zero#8283 - SUBSCRIBER - June 27, 2021, 11:10:20
I reported this bug four years ago. Four Years!?

Once again I'm going to have to wait for my subscription to expire, that'll be eight weeks combined. C'mon now Ankama this is an extreamly simple bug just add the return to the chat interface please.

For those of you who may try to offer temporary solutions the following do not work;

Teleportation potions
Haven bag
Teleportation dungeon invites
Command /release

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Are you playing on the BETA server and getting stuck unless you learn the Chafer spell?

If not, you need to add this chat to Problems and Solutions instead of here for the BETA server bugs.

Also, as it is a bug/restriction for leaving the dungeon you really need to send a ticket to Support.
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NOTE: Tickets are read from oldest to newest usually, if you reply to a ticket it will push it down the line/queue as if you had sent a new ticket. To pre-empt this you could give them the information they usually always ask (like a scripted reply) by adding to your ticket the following: 

• Character nickname:
• Server:
• Date and time of the incident: 
The more precise, the easier for us it will be to track down the bug.
• Map in question:
• Description of the bug:
 Please make it short, precise, and constructive.
• Steps to reproduce the bug:
• Screenshot: (if possible and unedited)
• How many times you've experienced this bug in the game: One time after one attempt / one time out of several attempts / occasionally / repeatedly

We would also need your log report as soon as possible so we can investigate this matter speedily.

To do this, simply go into the game settings, then the "Support tab", and check "Activate generation of bug reports". The last step is to reproduce the bug and then press F11 on your keyboard.

If you run into an issue with the Ankama Launcher, you can always retrieve logs directly through the launcher. First, open the launcher settings (the button next to your nickname in the upper right corner).

Then go into the "Assistance" tab and "open the log folder". Once you've retrieved the archive, attach it to your ticket
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