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Detailed Enutrof Feedback

By TeamVith#9608 - SUBSCRIBER - March 13, 2022, 17:02:15

Hello to all,
as a long time Cha-Enu player in (mostly) PvM I would like to share my thoughts on the upcoming changes.
Because, let's face it, they've got a lot going for them.

First of all, the changes are definitely a big increase to the Enutrof power level, to a point where I would say they might be a bit too much.

To begin with, I would like to share my opinion on the changes to the neutral utility spells.

Here are the ones I like the most (aka positive feedback):
- Reducing Key becoming a potential range buff for Enus themselves or their allies. It plays very nicely as an 1 AP spell, reminds me of the old Eni spell Lifting Word.
- Fortune being now on a 3 turn cooldown (instead of 4) with stronger utility and weaker raw power bonus. There is a good synergy between Fortune and Decadence already, but right now you can simply play both spells on cooldown to get the maximum value out of them. With these changes I can now see 3 different ways of combining these spells' cooldowns, which introduces much more interesting decision making.Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)After the update: Skip 1 turn uptime of Fortune to have every other Decadence go together with Fortune, that means their buffs line up every 4 turns like they do now; alternatively you could skip 1 turn uptime of Decadence instead to make it line up with Fortune every cycle (which is then every 3 turns) or just play both on cooldown to get their individual effects as often as possible (but they would only line up for synergy every 6 turns then)
- Toolbox's 1 bonus range, it's now at 6 and therefore lines up perfectly with Living Shovel! I love it!
- Pandora's Box is now a very interesting spell for team wide healing. The negative effect fits the class, as Enus have the natural ability to handle the MP buff for enemies.
- Living Bag going to 4 cooldown. This means its cooldown lines up so much better with Wandering. It's also great in general to have your protection more often, the cooldown is now on par with other defensive 2 AP spells, like Preventing Word, Repercussion or Bastion.

Here are some buffs that I like as an idea, but already seem to be a bit worrysome to me (aka my experience tells me to be cautious with these):
- Clumsiness and Vivacity being parted now. Right now you have to decide between reducing enemies' mobility or gaining mobility yourself. Having the ability to both slow down your opponents for very little AP cost and not having to give up mobility yourself is definitely very cool, but also very strong.
- Armlock as a guaranteed way to reduce an enemy's MP could be very strong versus certain enemies, for example Catseye. It's probably not game breaking, but there was a reason why guaranteed MP removal spells like Lashing Arrow or Soothing Bramble got changed in the past. Enus also already have Pull Out and Miserliness as strong guaranteed MP removal spells, but they at least come with a cooldown.
- Speaking of Miserliness: Having its cost reduced to 3 is a bold move. To me this is one of the most powerful spells Enus can play, it can completely lock down a group of enemies or introduce a powerful turn of burst for your team. It's also one of my favourite Enu spells, so I guess I'll take it. I'm still impressed by the buff, the spell got initially implemented with an AP cost of 5!

Now to the one change I'm completely shocked about. I heavily suggest to not implement this buff, since it seems much too overtuned (aka WHAT??):
Living Shovel got buffed tremendously. By that I mean, TREMENDOUSLY.
Yo, it wasn't even that bad, and since you can control it, it is one of my favourite tools to use, although I also think the shovel deserves some polishing.

The spell's cooldown went from 5 to 3, which seems okay when you expect the shovel to die the turn it got summoned.
You have to remember though, that the shovel comes with an HP pool of 960 with 13% resistance (for only 2 AP!) and you can move it to safety, behind walls etc. I'd say, the shovel usually lives another turn or even longer.
What i think would be much more appropriate would be either a cooldown of 4, or if you really wanted to push it to 3 the HP should probably go down to maybe 660 like the Bagpack.

Here's more: The shovel can now push allies.
I don't want to say I'm against it, in fact, I quite love this. This is definitely a cool new way to use the shovel, new options are great!
But this also means you can now make good use of the shovel without it having to approach enemies and therefore the shovel is even less at the risk of dying too quickly. This makes it even more important to either increase the cooldown to at least 4 or to lower the HP of the shovel, maybe even both.

Here's what finally brings the spell to insane levels:
The base AP of the shovel got doubled and you can push the same target twice per default now. This is insane! For only 2 AP cost of summoning you can have an enemy or now even an ally pushed for 6 cells. And you can keep pushing them around the next turns for free.
The shovel's ability to push twice used to be bound to the toolbox spell and its cooldown (which is only at 2).
I heavily, heavily suggest to not let the shovel do two 3 cell pushes per turn as default.
3 changes seem appropriate here to me:
- Go back to 2 base AP. Leave it with the cooldown buff and new ability to push allies. These are good buffs already!
- Stay at 4 base AP, but reduce the push to 2 cells. If you really want to allow pushing twice as default, this would be the minimum to do. I don't like this change too much, but if it were to be, I would like to see a possible triple push against the same target with toolbox on, because I want this combo to still be strong. It's just so cool.
- Go to 3 base AP instead. This would increase the combo with the toolbox spell. It would mean 1 push without toolbox and 3 pushes on at least 2 different targets with the toolbox spell (which again has its own cooldown). I would like to see this change the most, as it allows the toolbox combo to really shine. In the beta right now the toolbox + shovel combo seems almost obsolete, since the shovel is so immensely strong on it's own.

The last neutral spell that got changed and I haven't talked about yet is Greed.
I almost always play with Miserliness for it has a much bigger possible impact on a fight, so I won't miss the old Greed spell too much.
The new version though seems at least a lot more fun to play: It lets the Enutrof collect 40 power from all other fighters. The impact of -40 power is very low, but going to up to 400 power for 2 AP sure is nice! I like it! (Yes, this is positive feedback again! Don't we like happy endings?).

That's it for the neutral spells for now. I will continue this thread with the elemntal spells later.
Thanks for reading!

3 -1
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