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Beta 2.66 Changelog

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - November 25, 2022, 19:05:26

Archipelago of Valonia

There is a new archipelago in the game, featuring three new islands designed for characters at level 50, 190, and 200. You'll find quests, three new monster families, three dungeons, new items, and achievements.
A boat in Madrestam Harbour at [10,-3] will take you there. To learn more, check out the devblog:
Read the devblog

Forgelance Class

There is a new class in the game! The class temple is accessible from Albuera Island, and taking an airship makes it a quick trip from continental Amakna.
To learn more about the new class, check out the devblog:
Read the devblog


Various changes have been made to Kwismas Island this year.
  • Kwismas Island quests will not automatically reset when the player gets to the island.
    • The Grinchy Grump access quests and the shop access quest no longer reset. That means they are only completed the one time.
    • Side quests like the ones to get chestnut supplies, collect boxes of gifts in various dungeons, or hunt for Grinchy Grumps' loot can always be completed, even if the player hasn't repeated the quest for Stars.
    • NPC Hazel Cracker: now located in front of the Goblimp workshop.
    • The NPC Leo Slayer is in charge of resetting the Kwismas Stars quest (which is no longer given automatically). The quest can be restarted once a year (the same rate as before).
    • Hector Kwismas is again resetting a few quests and deleting the saves for Kwismas Island dungeons, but he is no longer in charge of the Stars-related quests. He is removing/giving back the Merry Kwiswas Card used to determine when the player arrived on the island. A reply has been added to Hector's basic dialogue so you can teleport to the island directly if you have the card.
  • Big adjustments have been made to harmonize the zone and its functioning:
    • The Kwismas Haven zone has gone from level 30 to 40. All mobs in the zone are now in this level bracket. Some mobs have been removed from the zone: Wintry Kaniger, Pokipik, Frozen Tofu, Larvicy, and Kwismas Whitish Fang.
    • The Kwismas Land zone is still level 100, but all the mobs are now in this level bracket. Some mobs have been removed from the zone: Abominable Snow Yiti, Ice Crackler, Hibernal Tofu, and Larvicily. Kwismas Whitish Fang and Wintry Kaniger have been added to the zone.
    • The Kwismas Taiga zone has gone from level 160 to 170. All mobs in the zone are now in this level bracket. Some mobs have been removed from the zone: Prez' Plozion, Mini Inuit, and Sakai Firefoux.
  • Gifts have also been harmonized:
    • The number of different gifts has gone from 8 to 3 (Nice Kwismas Gift, Great Kwismas Gift, and Wonderful Kwismas Gift).
    • Each gift drops as combat loot for each zone (the Wonderful Kwismas Gift in the Kwismas Taiga zone and so on).
    • The drop rate for these gifts is not affected by idols or prospecting. It has been standardized: 50% from mobs in the sub-area, 100% from mobs in the dungeon, and 100% to get five from the dungeon keeper.
    • The rewards from gifts have also been revised to be more appealing.


  • As with Kwismas, Vulkania Island has been partly modified. The quest "First Contact" is now given by Betty Boom instead of Captain Jane Away. However, the idea behind Vulkania is a passport to be filled out every year with repeatable activities. No longer having quests reset would run counter to the amusement park concept. Players are still free to not do all the activities if they don't want to collect madreggons or krolimeas. Access to the lair is still conditional on the quest "Admission Crater", which is considered an activity to be repeated every year to complete the passport.
  • The quest "The Master's Henchmen" (part of the quest line "Around The World In 27 Dungeons"): the Kwakwa's Nest dungeon has been replaced by the new Sylvan Refuge dungeon in the list of dungeons to beat.
  • Brakmar alignment quest 74 "The Hammer Hitocracy": a Morrow Bone can once again be purchased from the NPC Kaffra Keeper.
  • Battle in the quest "Might Means Right": the Rotten Breath spell's max stacking is now 1. AP loss and MP loss are now parryable.


  • As announced in a previous episode of Ankama Live, the main ceremonial items exclusive to conventions and in-person events can now be obtained as monster loot. These will have a very low drop rate and be found in zones related to the equipment. Here is a list of the relevant ceremonial equipment: Enutroid, Scampiscuba Helmet, Skullcrasher, Shadow Helmet, Bearendizer's Belt, YeCh'Ti Amulet, Shushield, and the Cire Momore shield. The goal of this change is twofold: first of all, to put a check on the black market of reselling scratch cards that has reached exorbitant prices; and second of all, to allow players who didn't or couldn't attend the conventions to get these rare items.
  • Improvement to the set bonus interface:
    • Bonuses are now shown in green, penalties in red.
    • Only set configurations that provide a bonus are shown (the option "1 Item" will no longer appear). This change will be especially useful for one of the new sets in the update.
  • The average price shown in the encyclopedia is now correct.
  • When mousing over a theoretical roll (in recipes or the encyclopedia), lines in the Damage section for weapons are now shown in green (instead of blue).
  • Livitinem capes were sometimes dysfunctional; this has been fixed.
  • The Haks Or Mask and Haks Or Cloak are no longer smithmageable.
  • The Biting Rhineetle Harness displays correctly on the rhineetle.
  • The important message on the resources Nagate Essence, Damadrya Essence, and Shihan and Hanshi Essence have been removed from the English, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Spanish versions of the game.


  • The Miner, Fisherman, Farmer, and Lumberjack resource protectors have been revised. Now they all have three common spells and an evolvable level up to level 200. Among other things, this will give a level 200 character an equal chance of getting a rare resource as combat loot.
  • The effects of the mastifang's Sanding spell now last 2 turns.
  • Ilyzaelle's Invasion spell now has an icon in the effects timeline.
  • The Olgoth monster's Olgofist spell now appears in the timeline when the effect is active.
  • Royal Pingwin: when an ally is healed, the damage is properly inflicted only around the ally.


  • When a player would click "Replace" to change their saved zaap while an anomaly was active on the zaap, the player got disconnected. This has been fixed.
  • In the zaap interface, the option to display undiscovered zaaps is working again.
  • In the guild chest, the option to display craftable recipes is working again.

Backgrounds and Navigation:

  • A number of treasure hunt clues were incorrectly positioned. The game considered them placed on one map even though they were visible on adjacent maps. This has been fixed.
  • In the Splash Zone zone, global pre-sentience made it possible, in one case, to go through an obstacle and end up on the path above. This has been fixed.
  • In tactical mode, obstacles on maps related to the Destroyers' zone have been reduced in height to improve clarity.

Server Communities

  • As announced a few days after the Talkasha merger, changes have been made to server communities:
    • We are removing server access restrictions based on the community of the account. Every server will be open to accounts in every community. Thus, an English player can play on one of the French community servers and vice versa.
    • [*]However, servers will still have a "recommended" community. The goal is to keep each server special and let new players know what server they're directed to, while also letting everyone play on their preferred server.
      To use the previous example, a new English account without a character will be directed to the international community server.
      We are keeping three recommended communities:
      • Orukam, Imagiro, Hellmina, and Tylezia for the French community
      • Talkasha for the International community (recommended for non-French players)
      • [*]Draconiros and Shadow for the Global community; there is only one server available for these game modes, so they are recommended to all.
        Future editions of Temporis will follow this same server configuration.
    • Community channels will be enabled on all servers.
    • Server transfers, however, will still have community restrictions.


  • The server names Hellmina and Talkasha have been changed to Hell Mina and Tal Kasha, respectively.
  • New content arriving after this update will no longer be translated in Italian.
  • The achievement "LeChouque's Boat" related to the dungeon is now correctly in the list of achievements to complete for the achievement for level 51-100 dungeons.
  • New chat messages warning against account theft and phishing have been added and will appear after 30 seconds, 30 minutes, 2 hours, and 6 hours of play time.
  • Pending gifts that had a "!" notification can no longer be collected (details here:
  • It is not possible to change your class to Forgelance.
  • Contributions to the guild chest were restricted to one per 24 hours. The restriction is now once per day.
  • Temporis experience potions can't be used on a Forgelance character.
  • The new system of alterations introduced in the June 2022 update is now "disabled" for PvP combat. Meaning that alterations will have no effect in PvP.
  • In the character creation interface, the caption "Select your name" in the name field has been enhanced for readability.
  • A newly created character had 50 HP at level 1 when they should've had 55 (logging out and logging back in fixed the issue). Now after being created, a character will have 55 HP.
  • Certain translations were incorrect in the plural. This has been fixed.

Fixes and Improvements for Class Spells


Puny State
Leafy State
Infected State
  • You can now click on the name of one of these states to learn more about it.
Previewing Areas of EffectImprovement
  • The area-of-effect preview for the following spells has been improved:
    • Mangrove
    • Dollish Care (The Inflatable)
    • Contagion
    • Harmony
    • Cutting (The Ultra-Powerful)
Prickly Embers
  • The spells now remove the Leafy state for one turn.
Sadida TreesBalancing
  • The summoned Tree now uses the rank of the Tree or Leafy Tree spell selected by the caster; this affects:
    • Transmuted Dolls
    • Repotting
    • Sylvan Power
    • Vegetal Influence
    • Poisoned Wind
Vegetal InfluenceBalancing
  • Global cooldown: / → 1
Sacrificial Doll
Transmuted Sacrificed
  • The Sacrificial Doll's Dollish Decoction passive is now accessible through spell effects.
  • Global cooldown: / → 1
  • Cooldown period: 1 → /
  • Uses per turn: 2 → 1
  • Hai Ring:
    • Reduces the Inoculation spell's cooldown by 1 → Increases the Inoculation spell's maximum number of casts per turn by 1
Dolly SacrificeBalancing
  • The damage to enemies is now the same as the health steal on allies and summons.
Leafy TreeBalancing
  • When the spell is selected, all Trees summoned by the caster immediately turn into Leafy Trees.
Plaguing BrambleBalancing
  • Max effect stacking: 2 → 1


  • Minimum range: 1 → 0
  • Minimum range: 1 → 0
  • Rank 1: -10% Critical → -10% Critical (CH: -15%)
  • Rank 2: -20% Critical → -15% Critical (CH: -20%)
(Dancing Sword)
  • The spell applies the effects to allies in the Perfusion state if the targeted enemy is killed.


  • The Eliotrope Totem can no longer lock.


Sword of JudgmentBalancing
  • Occupied cell: yes → no
Fight Back
  • The effects are properly applied to carried attackers.
  • The effects are properly able to be dissipated in all cases.
  • The spell properly uses critical hits.
    • Critical hit damage, however, is still the same as normal damage.


Xelor TeleportationsFix
  • The following spells no longer apply their teleportation effects if the target is in the Gravity, Rooted, or Unmovable state:
    • Rewind
    • Frostbite
    • Rhol Bak
    • Dodge
    • Souvenir
    • Temporal Distortion
    • Temporal Instability
    • Pendulum
    • Temporal Oop Shield
Telefrag StateImprovement
  • You can now click on the state to learn more about it.
  • The Telefrag state is now consumed after all relevant spell effects are applied.
    • The effects are still triggered properly if the target dies beforehand.
  • The duration of the state now appears next to the state icon.
  • Improvements have been made to how the Telefrag state is applied.
  • The state and its effects are correctly applied to a target that already received it from another Xelor on the same turn.
  • The spell properly uses critical hits.
    • Damage on leaving the Telefrag state:
      • Rank 1: 14 Fire damage (CH: 16)
      • Rank 2: 18 Fire damage (CH: 21)
      • Rank 3: 23 Fire damage (CH: 28)
  • The spell now plays an animation when the Telefrag state ends.
  • Damage is also higher on allies in the Telefrag state.
  • Damage on a target in the Telefrag state now appears in the tooltip.
Time TheftFix
  • The spell no longer affects allies.
  • The AP steal is no longer improperly able to be dissipated.
  • Occupied cell: yes → no
  • The effects on the caster are properly applied if the target in the Telefrag state is an ally.
  • Initial cooldown: 1 → /
Temporal DustFix
  • The symmetrical teleportation now occurs before damage is applied.
  • The symmetrical teleportation correctly only occurs once if two entities are symmetrical to each other.
Temporal ParadoxFix
  • The Heavy state is no longer applied; it was redundant with the Unmovable state.
  • The Unmovable state is now applied before the effects are triggered.
  • If the Accomplice or Xelor's Dial is triggered at the start of the turn, it can now generate a Telefrag.
  • The spell now displays the area of effect around the Accomplice or Xelor's Dial.
Temporal Oop ShieldFix
  • The spell is no longer improperly limited to triggering no more than 10 times per turn.
  • The Telefrag is properly generated only if the caster has switched places with the target (in cases where the target is, by default, impossible to switch places with).
  • Minimum range: 1 → 0
  • The spell can no longer be used if the caster hasn't generated any Telefrags since it was last cast.
Xelor's Sandglass
Shadowy Beam
  • The spells properly use critical hits.
  • The area-of-effect damage is now the same as single-target damage.
  • The gradual decrease in area-of-effect damage has been fixed.
Loss of Motivation
Temporal Suspension
  • The Telefrag state is correctly consumed the second time it is cast on a single target.
  • The spell properly uses critical hits.
  • The Synchro's Synchronisation passive is now accessible through the spell's effects.
Xelor's DialImprovement
  • The Oscillation passive of the Xelor's Dial is now accessible via the spell's effects.
  • The effects are no longer applied to targets that haven't started their first turn.


  • The effects are properly applied to attackers carried by the caster.
Eye for EyeFix
  • The effects are properly applied to carried entities.
  • The spell now immediately steals Range before pushing the target away.
  • The effects are properly able to be dissipated on an ally.
Striking ArrowFix
  • The spell properly uses critical hits.
    • Critical hit damage, however, is still the same as normal damage.


  • The spell has a critical hit again.
    • Critical: 15%
    • 38 to 43 Water damage (2 turns)


Stimulated StateImprovement
  • The way the state is applied (Stimulating Word, Self-Sacrificing Word, and Galvanising Word) and removed (Lifting Word and Revitalising Word) has been improved.
Friendship WordFix
  • Max effect stacking: 1 → /
Affectionate WordFix
  • The glyph created when the Protective Coney dies now applies a shield based on the caster's level.
      • 10% of HP as shield → 225% of level as shield
  • Cost: 4 AP → 3 AP
  • Coney Protection:
    • 12% of HP as shield → 100% of level as shield
Striking WordFix
  • The spell no longer deals damage to allies.
  • The glyph can be placed more than once under the same target.
  • The glyph can only be triggered once per ally per turn.
Seductive WordFix
  • The gradual decrease in damage after the flask dies is correctly applied.
  • Damage when the spell is cast now only affects enemies and flasks.
  • The damage inflicted when the flask dies no longer affects the caster.
  • The flask now inherits its summoner's strength, damage, power, and Earth damage.
  • The flask no longer has elemental characteristics by default.
Pernicious WordFix
  • The gradual decrease is no longer improperly applied to enemies adjacent to the target.
Defensive WordFix
  • The spell now erodes the caster before applying the other effects.
Impartial WordFix
  • The spell has a critical hit again.
    • Critical: 10%
    • 52 to 56 Fire damage
    • 62 to 68 HP restored
  • The gradual reduction in the area of effect is correctly applied.
Resounding WordFix
  • The spell no longer affects the caster.
  • Minimum range: 1 → 0
  • Occupied cell: yes → no
Preventing WordBalancing
  • Max effect stacking: / → 1
Agonising WordFix
  • The gradual decrease is no longer improperly applied to enemies adjacent to the target.
Paralysing WordFix
  • Healing is no longer regressive in the area of effect.
Furious WordFix
  • The targeted ally's Power properly increases based on the number of enemies adjacent to them, and this is applied before the spell deals damage.
  • The gradual decrease is no longer improperly applied to enemies adjacent to the target.
  • Max effect stacking: / → 3
Whirling WordImprovement
  • The damage no longer affects the caster.
  • The spell's icon has changed.
  • Uses per turn: / → 1
  • Cooldown period: 1 → /
Whirlwind WordFix
  • The damage no longer affects the caster.
Regenerating WordFix
  • Uses per turn: 0 / 0 → 0 / 1
  • Cooldown period: 2 / 1 → 2 / 0
Regenerating MarkBalancing
  • Minimum range: 1 → 0


  • The spell has a critical hit again.
    • Critical: 15%
    • 44 to 49 Air damage
  • The spell properly uses critical hits.
    • Critical hit damage, however, is still the same as normal damage.


  • The bombs correctly apply their bonuses to allies in the Kaboom state if they are directly targeted on an entity.
Weigh DownBalancing
  • The spell has a critical hit again.
    • Critical: 15%
    • 37 to 42 Fire damage
  • The pushback is now done by the caster instead of the target.
  • Improved the way the spell's animation is triggered.
  • The effects are properly able to be dissipated.


  • The Pacifist state is correctly applied to entities summoned by the target during the target's turn.
  • The effects are correctly dissipated when the caster dies.
  • Global cooldown: / → 2
Firedamp ExplosionBalancing
  • The spell now immediately inflicts Fire damage on enemies in an area of effect.
  • Occupied cell: no → yes


  • The critical hit has been removed.
    • Rank 1: 25 to 28 Water damage (CH: 30 to 34) → 25 to 28
    • Rank 2: 32 to 36 Water damage (CH: 38 to 43) → 32 to 36
  • The spell's damage properly increases on the initial targets if the spell is cast through a portal.
Summoning ChargesBalancing
  • The summoning charges are now applied after the spell is done being cast.
Osamodas TransformationsImprovement
  • Each transformation now has a name:
    • Gobbamorphosis
    • Dragomorphosis
    • Toamorphosis
    • Tofumorphosis
  • It is now possible to view the effects of each transformation.
  • Increases healing received by targets in an area of effect:
    • Healing received x110% (2 turns, stackable 2 times)
  • The spell also reduces allies' Lock.
  • The spell also reduces allies' MP.
  • The spell removes 2 MP at every rank.
  • Rank 1: -75 Power → -100 Power
  • Rank 2: -100 Power → -150 Power
Protective BalmImprovement
    [*]Applies the Embalmed state to an allied summon:
    • Immediately applies a shield to the target, and at the start of each of the target's turns.
    There can only be one summon in the Embalmed state per team.
    If the spell is cast on another summon, its effects are removed from the previous target.
    The effects cannot be unbewitched, will not be reapplied to a summon already in the Embalmed state, and are transferred when the Noformo transforms.
  • Rank 1: 90 shield (fixed) → 150% of caster's level as shield
  • Global cooldown: / → 1
High-Energy ShotBalancing
  • All the effects are now grouped and only last one turn.
Gobball FleeceBalancing
  • Grants a Gobbacharge if an enemy is hit.
  • Grants a Gobbacharge if an ally (excluding the caster) is hit.
  • The spell has a critical hit again.
    • Critical: 10%
    • Rank 1: 28 to 32 Air damage
    • Rank 2: 33 to 37 Air damage
    • Rank 3: 38 to 43 Air damage
  • Uses per turn: 2 → 1
  • Limit per turn per target: 1 → /
  • The spell has a critical hit again.
    • Critical: 5%
    • Rank 1: 28 to 32 Water damage
    • Rank 2: 35 to 38 Water damage
Animal TandemImprovement
  • The last charge applied is now visible in the caster's effects.
Animal PreserveBalancing
  • Cost: 3 AP → 2 AP
  • Cooldown period: 3 → 2
Deluxe Woolly Attraction
(Melanic Gobball)
  • The spell is now called "Hasty Bite".
  • The spell no longer depends on Melanic Bite.
  • Cooldown period: 1 → 2
Early Bite
(Albino Gobball)
  • The spell no longer depends on Albino Bite.
Heavy Fleece
(Chestnut Gobball)
  • As a result of issues with the duration of effects after the summon died, the Gravity state and immunity to the spell are now applied by the summoner.
Dragonic Inversion
(Albino Wyrmling)
  • Occupied cell: no → yes
Air Ace
(Albino Tofu)
  • The spell now grants MP before dealing damage.
Puffed Peck
(Golden Tofu)
  • Occupied cell: no → yes
(Albino Toad)
  • The Toxitoad state has been removed.
  • Occupied cell: yes → no
Amphibian Memory
(Albino Toad)
  • The Water damage is no longer conditional on the presence of the Toxitoad state.
  • Occupied cell: yes → no
Instigator Toxitoad
(Albino Toad)
  • The Toxitoad state has been removed.
  • The Water damage is no longer conditional on the lack of the Toxitoad state.
  • Occupied cell: yes → no
Osamodas TofusImprovement
  • To emphasize the Unable to Lock aspect, the Tofus no longer have any Lock.


Elemental ShieldBalancing
  • Now applies an Elemental Shield state. If this state ends, all the spell's effects are removed from the target.
  • The spell now does the teleportation before dealing damage.
  • The spell now has a critical hit.
    • Critical: 5%
    • Rank 1: 25 to 34 damage
    • Rank 2: 33 to 42 damage
    • Rank 3: 41 to 50 damage
Runic RepulsionBalancing
  • The spell now repels targets the first time without requiring runes.
  • The effect preview has been fixed.


  • The preview now shows a 2-cell circle if the caster is in the Critical Hit or Critical Hit from Misadventure state.


  • The spell moves the caster closer to the target before dealing damage.


  • The description properly mentions that the spell only reduces damage in close combat.

Animations, Descriptions, and Icons


  • Improved the way that animations are triggered for the following spells:
    • Rough Tongue
    • Lapping Up
    • Lucky Star
    • Ecaflip's Audacity


  • The following spells' animations have been improved:
    • Morph
    • Drying Out
    • Eruption
    • Crystallisation
    • Carbonisation
    • Stymation
    • Boiling Point
    • Telluric Blade
    • Air Manifestation
    • Fire Manifestation
    • Water Manifestation
    • Ether
    • Arcane Torrent
    • Celestial Wave


  • Improved the way that animations are triggered for the following spells:
    • Aquaculture
    • Protective Balm
    • Dragon Heart
    • Batra
    • Osamodas Transformations
    • Air Ace (Albino Tofu)


  • Improved the way that animations are triggered for the following spells:
    • Placer Mining
    • Collapse
    • Deposit
    • Hard Cash
    • Firedamp Explosion


  • The following spells' animations have been improved:
    • Corrosion
    • Assistance
    • Decompression (Bathyscaphe)
    • Trident
    • Seizing


  • Spell effects are correctly described.
  • Improved the way that animations are triggered for the following spells:
    • Striking Word
    • Slighting Word
    • Taboo Word
    • Seductive Word
    • Resounding Word
    • Paralysing Word
    • Regenerating Word
    • Rallying Word
    • Brutal Word
    • Pernicious Word
    • Defensive Word
    • Furious Word
    • Agonising Word
    • Secret Word
    • Bunny Heal (Coney)
    • Coney Protection (Protective Coney)


  • Spell effects are now correctly described.
  • The following spells' icons have changed:
    • Rewind
    • Reflect
    • Haziness
    • Conservation
    • Pendulum
    • Twenty-Fifth Hour
    • Counter
    • Embalming
    • Desynchronisation
  • The following spells' animations have been improved:
    • Slow Down
    • Hand
    • Cog
    • Teleportation
    • Shrivelling
    • Drying Up
    • Rewind
    • Accomplice
    • Xelor's Dial
    • Oscillation (Xelor's Dial)
    • Xelor's Sandglass
    • Time Theft
    • Petrification
    • Haziness
    • Conservation
    • Temporal Suspension
    • Rhol Bak
    • Loss of Motivation
    • Temporal Paradox
    • Time Rift
    • Synchro
    • Synchronisation (Synchro)
    • End of Time (Synchro)
    • Twenty-Fifth Hour
    • Counter
    • Dodge
    • Premonition
    • Clock
    • Water Clock
    • Dark Ray
    • Mummification
    • Embalming
    • Desynchronisation
    • Knell


  • Improved the way that animations are triggered for the following spells:
    • Sword of Judgement
    • Friction
    • Fight Back
    • Strengthstorm
    • Sentence


  • The following spells' animations have been improved:
    • Distribution
    • Diffusion
    • Bullying


  • Improved the way that animations are triggered for the following spells:
    • Perfusion
    • Fluctuation
    • Penitence
    • Pillory


  • Improved the way that animations are triggered for the following spells:
    • Mangrove
    • Paralysing Poison
    • Proximity Poison
    • Earthquake
    • Shake
    • Dollish Care (The Inflatable)
    • Contagion
    • Tree of Life
    • Voodoo Curse
    • Cutting (The Ultra-Powerful)