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When will Ankama implement multiple character in one account system?

By Gunnerwolfang - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 02, 2018, 11:09:55

As far as I know, 2 official factors hinders this widely requested system.

1. "Too much work to implement".
I don't want to be mean but, get off your lazy couch. Stop working on small mediocre stuffs that nobody really ask for and start working on what really matters.

2. "Flash has technically limitations that is ill-adapted for hero system".
The sidekick system and osa players controlling multiple characters shows that playing with multiple characters are possible. If the programmers are not smart enough to do this, then find others who can do it. If flash can't do it (which is highly doubtful), then switch to whatever system can. We don't care if switching will take 10 years, just do it. Dofus needs to keep up with the times.

Now for the real reason why I think Ankama do not want a multi-character system.
1. It will decrease player interaction.
Multi-accounting already decrease player interaction, you can no longer break what is already totally broken in the first place.
Keep the Multi-character system at 4 character max. This will ensure that teaming up with atleast another 4-hero user will still be a better option.
Introduce a exp/drop/kama boost when playing with other players to encourage teaming up with others.

2. It will be a slap to long-time multi-accounters.
It does not have to be. The multi-character system can be implemented in such a way that it can be use by multi-accounters. Make a system wherein hero slots can be filled up with characters fro multiple accounts. This way multi-accounters can play 4 characters from 4 accounts using only 1 client. It would be the best multi-account optimization system.

Now to dofus players, upvote this thread if you want these multiple character system:
1. Dofus Multimen Hero System (Hero system that will allow hero from different account to be played on just 1 client, and/or hero from same account with extra but cheaper hero subscription).
2. Guardian/Eidolon/Weapon System (More powerful than sidekicks but have limited usage)
3. Anti-Hero System (a more tactical hero system).
4. Fighting Pet System (weaker than sidekick and uses pet slot)