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Why doesn't Ankama want to develop Dofus in Russia?

By Anatolievich - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 17, 2019, 06:17:01

Support for the Russian-language game client Dofus discontinued, the last Russian-speaking players will leave your game. You want to lose the whole community? We have been trying to convene players in your game for many years without your support, do advertising, invite friends, and you try to do everything that would be impossible to play.  We have in Russia a lot of players who would like to play your game. Unique among similar games we have in the country. You'd make a lot of money if you hired translators and did a little advertising. I know about the conflict between and your company from for which rights on game from Russia withdrew and read more game over. in our side also is not appreciated is a terrible company that ruined his attitude a lot of games. Why not try another company to implement the project? Russia is a big country, we have a lot of money. You don't need this money? Year after year we try not to lose the last Russian-speaking game veterans. What do we need to do to hear us? Leave us at least those 30% of the translation of the game that were.