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Quests in Dofus

By scoop2000 - SUBSCRIBER - June 01, 2019, 00:39:40

This is just a serious problem, quests in the game need to be looked at. When you're a solo player, you end up coming to a block quite quickly and are incapable of doing ANY quests until you MAJORLY out-level them. This is terrible game design and should be looked in too. I get that this game is an MMO, but when all you can do as a solo player is either go and kill mobs 1000+ times to get a level, or just go and make kamas, it becomes a problem. It's no wonder more than 50% of the playerbase are bots. 

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The quests are supposed to be designed with:
A.) group of 8,
B.) same level range,
C.) gears appropriate for your level.

If you are soloing a quest that are supposed to be for a group of eight, then you will encounter a problem.

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I agree, I had a few months break and came back, tried to get into a group to do the Wreck Dungeon (omg! I have been trying to get into that dungeon for YEARS) and the only people who are interested want you to pay them to join their group.  When did the game change from being friendly and helpful to suck a person dry just to get on? Now I know why I had a break in the first place, this game used to be fun, friendly and people were helpful. Now all anyone is interested in is their own greedy selfish pockets and all that idol shiz which I STILL don't understand.

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well, if the quest were rewarding enough more people would be doing them and company would be ensured and people would not need to get paid to participate. I've always found quests to be fun, giving you some sense of purpose, but of course some of them just don't give good enough rewards to make me want to run around and complete them and that i think should be revisited. Achievements for example give a crapload of experience points along with some resources, why can't quests be on par? after all they are just as time consuming.

As for solo-questing, well, it's an option but mind that for any type of content if you wanna play it solo you must overlevel it a bit, even the most basic PvE. If you find it hard to find some friends over at your server, i suggest joining the mono-server, because since everybody has only one account to play with at a time people are more willing to do stuff together instead of running a 2/4/8 man team and the english community there is thriving and friendly, inclusive of all ranges of players! Aren't I a good promoter though biggrin

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