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My disappointment is immeasurable

By Tsih - SUBSCRIBER - June 21, 2019, 20:22:51

Alright so..I took a break for approximately a year because of getting really busy in real life..I've been around in game for a long time, before even 1.29 version, over that time there have been like 6 complete rewamps of sacriers, out of which atleast two were for no apparent reason but okay, change is life we all went with it, well most of us did, the idols got introduced, the idols got nerfed, the stars on mobs got introduced, then got removed, so now mobs give barely half the exp they used to, but okay, i will go with that, so far idols nerfed, over half the exp taken away, i just really want to know what was the idea behind completely removing all the wisdom pets, changing the stats even of the golden dragoturkey? Like..I just wonder, because it doesn't make sense to you want people playing this game? should we level? should we not? how exactly should we level if the exp is gradually reduced and the wisdom items gradually removed? is it planned to turn into pvp only? also why are the only useful pebbles used in crafting pvp only ? i have so many questions, and so many regrets not selling/farming these things before they got messed up. Well all this put aside, I just want to know what was the idea behind removing people's effort on leveling their pets and removing wisdom?

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Because Screw You, That's why. That's Ankama's moto for the last couple of years.

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Ankama: There's an update
Everyone: Thanks I hate it

I was venting to a friend and he said "it's because changes required on the French server" and I'm just here like, do we look like the French server? do we look like we care about the French server? 

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They messed up stuff regarding the pvp as I recall long ago, the multi weapon using as an example.

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Frankly, leveling is outrageously easier than it was back in the 1.x days. Even with the recent nerfs, you still have idols which greatly increase experience compared to back then. You have the required experience to reach 200 cut considerably. You have positive area bonuses on several areas that act as endless stars for a while before the bonus falls (which happens very slowly). You have leeching gone out of control (they fixed xel 3 leeching with pandas, but you still have korri and other methods that didn't exist back in the older days). You also simply have more areas that provide high experience compared to back then. Frigost didn't even exist in 1.x...

I am just confused that you're complaining about difficulty in leveling if you were around in the 1.x days. 


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