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By Xelldas - SUBSCRIBER - September 10, 2019, 21:19:28

Dear Support,Hello, my name is Grandpa-Rick (Xelldas) from guild Portal in illyzele.

 I am the Guild Leader for my guild, and have been since the beginning of the server. I would like to make a few suggestions that would greatly help Guild Leaders manage thier guilds.

 1. Guild Ranks - is there any chance to make it change automatically after reaching certain requirements? And maybe add some extra modifications like adding extra rights upon reaching these requirements? It would save me so much time because I manage 150 members, and I have to click every single person to set their rank and rights.

 2. Guild House Chest - is there any chance of implementing chest log access, to see who has opened chest, and who has taken/added an item? This could help prevent theft among guild members. Our guild members use chests in many social aspects - we try to improve our guild members lives by sharing items and resources, but there is always one black sheep that steals everything. We got robbed 3 times already, and we can't find out who the thief is. A chest log system would help a lot.

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