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Character movement on map change

By marine-unit - SUBSCRIBER - December 01, 2018, 11:08:44

Alright so I don't think this is actually a bug, just the way it's designed. But let me clarify why I think it should be "fixed". 
When you change to a new map, the people already running on the map you enter will stand still for performance reasons (which is great) but will still show on the cell they initiated their run from. With an immediate map change  that's perfectly fine but within a certain map it poses an opportunity for scammers. 
Earlier today some kid tried to trick me with the classic "drop an item and I return to you value X if you manage to pick it up again". And he'll record it or something so he's not going for any cheap items. 

However what they do is they ask you to change map and come back "to see if nobody is there" (weird to check only 1 map huh?). In the meantime they run towards a cell next to where you're supposed to drop the item, but while he was still running when you entered the map you don't see he actually moved. When I posted in /r and /b to beware of this player, I got a couple of PMs from people who fell for it how he did it. That made me think to post here. Because people actually fall for it. I think they might deserve losing whatever they dropped for their stupidity, but I definitely hate it more that this scammer gets what he wants and gets away with such a poor scam. 

My suggestion: If player X changes cell within a map, register him on his new (next if queued) cell for player Y that just entered the map while player X was still moving. 

Let me know what you think.

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Congratulations! Your ‘scammer’ has evolved!

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