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SAC - hard lags with dc effeckt or client crash

By ShadowOfDeath#3185 - SUBSCRIBER - December 23, 2018, 22:36:36

its cammon problem around sacriers. at longer fights our spells hardly laging and crashing game. in past this bug exist only on catsey where "mutilation" and "sacrifcice" crashed the game but now it exist everywhere on almost each spell..  
few days ago i had 1vs1 with other sacri and we both laged and dcing sooo hard. this problem still exist, it wasnt temporary problem as we though. also im 100% sure that it isnt a net concection problem, imo the problem is with spell codes or animations.

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True. Game crashes always after 45 minutes of playing. Before it was smooth in the beginning and lagged later, but now it is slow even from the start. Also, I noticed when I put Ebony dofus on me it slows game even more, especially when you cast sacrifice or any suffering change spell.

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yes, thats true. 

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