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Mass guild member removal

By LenRobK - SUBSCRIBER - January 02, 2019, 20:35:43
I'm not sure what's happening, but 22 days ago suddenly around 80-90 members left my guild and today again 13 members just instantly left. At both occasions some of my characters got removed from the guild, except from my main. The same goes for other actively playing members.

I've checked all my guild members on rights and no one seems to have the right to do so (I'm sure I can ultimately trust the ones who do have it.). I have a vague feeling it isn't a human error, so maybe it's worth looking into it. Most of them are active players, so I don't think it's just the auto clean-up mechanism.

My guild:

Some of them are invited back already and we are all confused as it comes very unexpectedly. Contact me via ankabox if anyone knows anything and is considered sensitive information.
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22 days ago was the day of the Update. One point in it was this:

  • Characters who have been offline for more than three months are once again automatically excluded from their respective guilds – except if the character is the leader of a guild of which they are the only member. Under these conditions, they will retain their guild leader status for one year. After that, they will be excluded and the guild will be deleted, due to a lack of members.

I also lost some members in several guilds. I can not rule out that these were not online for more than three months.
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Thank you for  the clarification. That would explain this a lot.

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