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Kama / Ogrine Market exchange - bugged in game

By bohemia - SUBSCRIBER - January 31, 2019, 19:53:39

Good evening.

I thought it was just me, or maybe that I was badly timing to look onto Kama/ Ogrine Market exchange in game (during server backup, or w.e.), but it seems that I am not the only one experiencing problems with it in game.
When trying to see Kama Offers or Ogrine Offers in game, nothing shows up, besides the title, not even a single listing.
This has been going on for a few days already.
It is annoying to have to log on/ off several accounts on website and keep an eye on offers, while in game I could do that with just a few clicks, from each account.

Not to forget that it seems that they are still people who don't know they can do it on website too, and they keep waiting for the market in game to be fixed.

[ EDIT : ] How to access Kama / Ogrine on website?

Home @ Kama Exchange:
Kama Offers:
Ogrine Offers:

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