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Class Quest Eniripsa Bug

By Shaphiro - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - February 13, 2019, 02:11:30

Hey, so I've been trying to complete the class quest for my Eniripsa called [A Prickly Solution], but I'm stuck at the 
'Speak to the third sick person' (Dofusophile Xelor) part. Can't get past it even if I wear the Dofawa needed to speak to the NPC.

Some of my guild-mates that have an Eniripsa also seem unable to complete that step, except for the ones that did it a long time ago somehow. This is frustrating because without that one quest done you can't advance into the Dofus eggs questlines.

There are a few posts about this same problem in the french and english  Dofus forums, which date back to almost a year. .

I'm not asking for an immediate solution, but at least an acknowledgment so that an eventual fix is implemented.

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