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(Launcher Beta Version) Game disappears overnight

By Eerookah - SUBSCRIBER - February 20, 2019, 14:19:56


I am currently using the Beta Launcher and I went through an update yesterday. I could play dofus just fine yesterday, now the client is offering the "install" option as though I never installed the game. I also had to re-enter my account credentials, so I'm wondering if it lost some of the pointers to the files?

If not, is there a way to adjust where the launcher points to so I don't have to reinstall? Thanks.

edit: Dofus seems to be in my steam folder, even though I installed it into the /zaap/ folder when I downloaded it. I can't launch it regularly and I can't get the launcher to connect to it. There is also a copy in the \users\x\appdata\local\ankama\zaap\dofus folder but I can't connect to that either


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First Ankama intervention

Thank you, the issue was forwarded to the Devs.

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me toosad

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Thank you, the issue was forwarded to the Devs.

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