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Rogue boombot bug

By gferdogan - SUBSCRIBER - March 03, 2019, 14:47:55

Around a frequency of 20%, rogues are not be able to move their boombots after using one of its spells. The game just gets stuck and you can't click on any square on the map.

This bug has been in the game for at least a year and I think no one gives a damn about it. I just lost an important battle because of this.

The game has been crashing every 20 minutes due to having a crappy launcher that causes memory leak, let alone class specific bugs like this.

I wonder why Ankama does not care about things like this. If you think people will keep on playing anyway you're very wrong, I'm going to cancel my subscription as soon as possible if you're not going to fix your inferior product of a game.

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It’s not just a bug with Rogue’s Boombot. While I don’t play a Rogue I’ve encountered this bug with both my Sacrier and Elio where sometimes the game just decides to clog up and not let me do any further action in a turn despite still having AP/MP leftover and not lagging. Clicking on a cell to move? Nothing happens. Trying to use a spell? Yeah, it’s just gonna turn dark as if you already reached its use limit or don’t have enough AP to use it. So annoying.

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