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Problem with bontarian quest n°82

By nabbox - SUBSCRIBER - March 04, 2019, 12:38:32

Good morning,
I write because I think I came across a bug and I was not sure I could explain myself in French with the support ..
arrived at a certain point in the question 82 of the Bontarian alignment, I should go and speak with a npg in [4, -6].
The quest's book tells me to talk to him .. however if I go to him he has a question mark on the head (as it should be) but if I interject with him, it gives me no chance for dialogue .. I'm quite sure I do not have skipped any step because I did the same mission with both my accounts at the same time and the other had no problems.
I read that there were problems for the characters who had already joined a city order before they implemented all the missions available and I think I'm in this category.
How can I move / solve the problem?
Abandoning the order could solve the thing?
Thanks for the availability and have a nice day
(below link to the images)

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look if you have not finished other quests that Mr. Lavalss is involved in:

  •  Emissary of the King
  •  A Pwincely Wedding
  •  To Betray, or not to Betray: That Is the Question
  •  Usuwpation of Identity
  •  Sculpted Misery
  •  Woyal Suite
  •  Who Framed the Wabbit?
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grazie mille risolto era proprio una quest il problema =)

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problem solved, can be closed thanks =)

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