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I'm on the quest "Sword from the Stone" and I'm trying to craft "Supermagical Powder"...but cannot.

By Dunveganz - SUBSCRIBER - March 12, 2019, 00:22:22

I'm on the quest "Sword from the Stone" and I'm trying to craft "Supermagical Powder.

I've already got the "Hope Powder."

Dofus wiki HERE says I need to craft "Supermagical Powder"...and I've spent a day trying.

I've gotten the Hope Powder step, but I cannot craft at a bakery the "Supermagical Powder."

The dofus wiki says it requires:    

  • 6 Barley
  • 6 Salt Measure
  • 12 Magical Powder

Can this quest still be done, or is it bugged? ktnx....
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Some guides say that after receiving the Hope Powder, you must first speak with Prent in the Astrubian Library and complete the quest Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover before.
What's your current quest step in the book?

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