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Masqueraider Picada range

By PPads - SUBSCRIBER - April 02, 2019, 21:44:34

ok, idk if this is a bug or intended, but iv seen ankama slip up before on these kind of things (for example the spell variant name for heads or tails being the same name until last patch)

ok so, masqueraider's picada starts with a mere 2-4 range at level one and does NOT increase its range on the following levels, so the damage goes up by 2 or so every level and the range stays the same??? 
Yeah, i know the spell doesnt require line of sight but
1- that doesnt mean anything when you dont have enough range to use that perk
2- it is a very very low base damage spell, to the point where id preffer to use enu's coin throwing instead of  it by a mile.
3- it makes agi zobal so hard to level, and don't come with the excuse ''BAH YOOU CAN JUST FREE RESET AT ANYTIME IF UR PREMIUM'' well then thats just bad game design isnt it? if i was a new player trying the game and got in a fight with a wild sunflower in icarnam and died because i got kitted to oblivion since my spell has 4 range, is linear, has low damage and the sunflowers can attack 6 squares away non-linear and run back just because i happened to start in a map far away from them, i think its fair to say that if im a new player id be very frustrated

So in conclusion: considr atleast making the range of Picada go up by one or two every level, since now there is only 3 levels to the spell, that is all, thank you.

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