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[FECA SPELL] Shiver Lags a TON.

By ComeWithMe - SUBSCRIBER - April 09, 2019, 11:50:16

Most of the time i have to use the spell "Shiver" the games lags so much.

I think it's caused by the spell movement preview, it's kinda off, even if you don't use the spell on the enemy it says that it will be attracted by 1 , wich it doesn't.

I've already tried to remove the "preview movement" on the setting but the lag is still there.

Thankfully, it doesn't lag every time, but MOST of the time it will.


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I had this happen to me in a kolo just now with "Lapping Up" Eca spell. =/ Hope fully it gets addressed soon.

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UP! THIS BUG is still online

Every time i use SHIVER it uses like 3/4 of the turn just to enter the right cell!

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