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Spell preview on Absorptive Arrow with reflect monsters freezes my game

By HeyNythius - SUBSCRIBER - April 09, 2019, 20:25:18

I'm fighting treasure chests as a cra, when I have spell preview on and hover over the chest with Absorptive Arrow, the spell preview doesn't show. Furthermore all the animations stop working, my AP/MP bars do not update, my HP does not update (until I end my turn). Any movement by all characters after this point does not trigger at all. Instead, characters instantly teleport to the cell they move to at the end of the turn. 

All subsequent fights, even without reflect damage monsters or life steal spells, behave this way. I have to restart my client to get the animations to work again. I've tried enabling/disabling CPU rendering but neither seems to do anything.

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Serious question: did you clear your cache? It's in the Options menu, top right of the game screen.

It's probably something to do with calculating steal damage from the Treasure with its bewitchments on, but if clearing the cache works then it's probably an issue on your end.

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Yes, I've done that. Seems like some people on the French forums are having the same issue. They describe it better than I do.

Still game breaking. Basically whenever I fight a treasure chest, any spell preview of any damage breaks it. The people in the French forum post above still have the same problem.

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