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SOUNDS and MUSICS overlay or go mute randomly

By ComeWithMe - SUBSCRIBER - May 02, 2019, 17:22:19

As title says, SOUNDS and MUSICS overlay or go mute randomly.
I'v been playing since 1.29 and as far as i remmber this bug is still alive since 2.0 came out.

Fight sounds and spell sounds works randomly, sometimes all, sometimes only the criticals, sometimes onl the fade out sound of a spell, idk...
Musics lol, they always overlap, you may still have the amakna castel song that you visited 2 hours ago and you have the fight song too, and you'll have to restart the game to fix them.

this bothers me so much, because i love all the sound engine of the game, but it sucks. period.

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This only happens for me when I'm playing in multiple accounts (2 or more windows open). This occurs because of their fault in programming, the sound is integrated to Dofus Launcher, not to the game itself.

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Fun stuff is that i'm playing on iLyazelle lol, mono account server x'D

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