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Unable to enter haven bag when unsubscribed?

By KiraNoKai - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 14, 2019, 14:47:34

I came back after a break and wanted to sell my items, but realized that a number of items are in my haven bag. As far as I can remember, there was no restriction that forces you to be subscribed to enter your haven bag and use your chest (lottery always was though). Now I want to sell some items so I can subscribe my other accounts but I am unable to access my haven bag. Has this been changed in one of the recent updates, or is this a bug? And no, I do not wish to subscribe this account again purely for the fact of getting items out of the chest.

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Indeed I can't go inside Haven Bag without subscription. And, inside "Why subscribe?" page, it says that you can enter, but can't use Shared Chest. So, despite the bug of can't going insite the bag, you still shouldn't be able to open the chest tho.

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