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Foggernaut's Drill Set Bonus Incorrect

By AeroXZ - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 04, 2019, 16:57:36

As the title says, the Tanked Backpack reads, "Drill no longer requires a line of sight." Since this is now part of the Foggernaut's Drill by default, I think it's supposed to be something else but the set doesn't say what it actually is.

I'd also like to point out that the Drill turret gives no buff to the Foggernaut at Evo2 and Evo3. This was the case during the beta, and also the launch. I don't see any effects, don't get a buff, nor do my stats change in my stats page.

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First Ankama intervention

Thank you, the issues were passed on!

See message in context
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Thank you, the issues were passed on!



There were issues with the spell's description and it is now working as intended and written.

  • Places a Turret that inflicts damage. In Evolution III, it applies Erosion to targets in the Ambush state.

Regarding the Backpack, the line of sight relates to the spell the summon is casting, which usually does need a line of sight.

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