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Bug: In Quest "What's Your 06?" (play is in Xelorium/Gonebyways) NPC Rita Foulmetal is missing at [1,6]

By Dunveganz - SUBSCRIBER - July 31, 2019, 16:40:06

This is step #7 in the quest. But I'm stopped in my tracks as the quest specifies:
"Talk to Rita Foulmetal."

The quest position marker is indicating that I will find Rita at [1,6] just like I did in an earlier prerequisite quest "Edge of Tomorrow."

She was there for me when I did "Edge of Tomorrow."

She's supposed to be in the innermost room at [1,6].
(along with the NPCs Agent Pascal & Security Agent.)

Anything can be done about this one? kk...mny tnx!


I was wandering around Gonebyways killing monsters and ran into Rita Foulmetal at [3,7]!

But she won't give me the answer for quest "What's Your 06?"

She does have a question mark over her head, but when I click on her, all she says is: "These Altdemons won't be in our way much longer!"

Um...Help here, pls?

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Do you happen to have the quest "All You Need is Kill" active?


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I think some elaboration is necessary... if you get to the step of the quest “All You Need is Kill” where you ask Rita Foulmetal to follow you to take care of the Altdemons, she won’t be at the spot where you need her to be in order to progress in the “What’s your 06?” quest. So you need to finish it first before being able to progress in “What’s your 06?”, at least as far as I’m aware.

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