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Xelor spells that move back to previous position do not show the correct preview after the first time used.

By Obzzedat - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - August 20, 2019, 02:31:54

For exemple:
Enemy is in cel number 1, walks to number 2, then to number 3 and passes turn.
I select Frostbite (Inflicts Air damage on enemies. Teleports the target back to its previous position) and hover the mouse over the enemy. It shows it going from cell #3 to cell #2. I use it and select it again. Now I hover the mouse over the enemy and it shows it going from #2 to #3 again, but if I use, it goes to #1.

It makes it very difficult to remember which cell the enemy is going to and deceives me every time. It is very frustrating to see the preview as the enemy going to one cell and then it goes to another and you lose an opportunity to create a telefrag.

Thanks! =]

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Thank you for the report!

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