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The End of the Tunnel - third enraged BooWulf doesn´t spawn

By Kaypool - SUBSCRIBER - December 10, 2019, 23:07:44

Hello together,

I have a problem with the lvl 170 Quest The End of the Tunnel.

The english and german wiki say, that for the quest you should talk to the NPC at [9,-66] (i already did that) and collect three Questitems for her.
The three questmobs (enraged BooWulves) should spawn at [-25,1], [-25,0] and [-24,0].
Two of them did and dropped their questitem, but the third Boowulf doesn´t.
He should spawn at [-25,1].

My brother did this quest a day before me and all three wulves spawn. So he could complet the quest.

I already reported this to the support, but after a week or two, they told me, that it isn´t a bug and i should ask the forum/chat/wiki.

I still believe it´s a bug in my quest, but maybe someone had a similar problem with this wulves and can help me.

kind regards

Hello togehter,

I solved this problem by accident.

The enraged Boowolf didn´t spawn at one of the locations the wikis said, but at [-25,1] in the Sidimot Moors. ohmy

Best regards

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