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Friend List |- [Errors & Sugestions].

By Sadiddas - SUBSCRIBER - December 14, 2019, 19:26:00

Hello my lovely reader!,

I have recently discovered some major bugs that make using your friends list more difficult. Namely, recently the combat icon appears even when the character is not in combat, this is manifested by the inability to use such an icon and the lack of any information about the alleged fight. This introduces a kind of confusion because it is not known who is actually in combat and who is not.

 In my opinion, the first screen after entering the list of friends should be the "In-game contacts" window, because of the fact that the list of contacts there is the one that has accompanied us from the beginning.

The third and last reason why I decided to open this topic is that the functions selected during the session are not permanent. Each selection of each function is reset each time we close the friends list window. It is troublesome and rather looks underdeveloped.
 The topic was created so that everyone had the opportunity to say what suits him and what hinders him in the new solution of the list of friends so I invite you to discuss and share your thoughts.

Peace & love, your Race!
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Same thoughts on your second and third point.
I don't have the problem you mention in your first point. 

Some work needs to be done I think... 

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Thanks, the first one hapened to me once so it may happen again.

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Your favorite tester again in action.
This time, the shift + left button combination was used on one person from the list of friends.
Here is the result :

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