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Repeated DCs @ this evening (Jan 19)

By bohemia - SUBSCRIBER - January 19, 2020, 20:21:56

Good evening.

Not only me, but some of my guildies too are experiencing this evening lots of random DCs.
It is quite annoying, when you try to do Blitz in boss, LOL, then it takes you 3-4-5 turns to be able to log back your lil team.
Also, quite annoying, when you're rushing to squeeze a few more WLCs for the event that end tonight.

And no, not all my guildies are at the same location, aka, they aint at my home, to blame same "bad" internet provider, (most of them, I assume) they're not not even in my country ... So it has to be something with server stats atm ...

Please, do fix it ... Sometime ...

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