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Spell Problem Panda PvP and unable to 'report a bug' in Dofus for MacOS

By WildGobbal - SUBSCRIBER - February 12, 2020, 22:47:20

Hi there,

I just tried reporting a bug on MacOS and I was unable to. Clicking the button.. well that's all that happened. I Clicked the button and nothing else happened. Wish i could upload the Bug report that i made of that command.

So to my actual problem: I do like myself some PVP once in a while as Panda. And this time I started a fight with 'cd' on spells that do not even have CD's programmed into them. It's the first time me having this issue maybe someone else can explain why this bug happens or if it only happens on a special Kolo Map IDK.

I urge everyone to enjoy the screenshot. I thought I was drunk.

Cheers and please don't let me have the same problem again.

Let me find some more bugs for you?
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