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Mimi'd an Item, and the item disappeared.

By braturas - SUBSCRIBER - March 18, 2020, 11:09:46

I mimi'd an item to my pet Teddybearbarian, the Godfather's Gobtubby. Now I bought the Mimi, I used it, and the it worked. gave me the notifcation by saying the item has been removed from your set, now I thought it was because the item changed it's looks, but the item is completely gone. I can't find it, but the Gobtubby is still there, so It's not as if I switched it around and got the wrong end of it all. Because then it would look like my Teddybearbarian. But it does not

The Devs told me this:We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the game but it appears that the issue you mentioned is not caused a bug.

If you wish to have some advice or tips to progress ingame, 
you can find some help using:

  • the in-game chat asking players on your server
  • the forum DOFUS
  • the fan-made websites created by players

We are deeply convinced that with the help of the community, you will be able to triumph over your difficulties.

Have a great game in the World of Twelve![Daidalon] | Guardião do Krosmoz | Suporte Ankama If anyone has a clue? 
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First Ankama intervention

Could you please share your support ticket with me? smile

See message in context
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Could you please share your support ticket with me? smile

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never saw that I got a reply, but I stopped playing the game for the meanwhile. The issue had been resolved as not solvable, so I moved on.

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