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Bugged Out Tiles On RETRO

By KingDonkoOfPunchstania - SUBSCRIBER - May 20, 2020, 22:09:44

So last night I was forced to give up on Otomai's Ark final room after a long fight (low level team of 6, no panda or sac). This was due to a problem where tiles kept bugging out, either preventing my movement or blocking line of sight. I had the battle down to just Gourlo and left and right I was being impeded by open tiles causing two of my characters to die who wouldn't have. Sometimes it was just one tile, sometimes it was multiple tiles like a moderately sized AoE spell. Has this bug been reported? I can't imagine it hasn't because I experience it often in fights all over the world of twelve (class dopples, normal monster fights, other dungeons, etc). This is the first time I've lost a fight (or technically quit) due to this bug (because of the mechanics it would've took far too long to finish and maitenance was not far off). It didn't just happen once or twice it happened a lot all throughout the battle. This is kind of a deal breaker if this is one of the bugs we are just expected to live with. Dungeons are hard enough as it is without having to deal with random tiles blocking me when they shouldn't be. Also I don't remember the critical failures being this bad in the old version, I critical fail a lot more than the 1/100 rate would suggest, there is no way that is correct.

Edit- Modified Topic Title to include RETRO since mod moved to problems and solutions, originally posted in Retro Forum since I thought that was the appropriate forum.

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