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Some bugs in Sram Dim

By bohemia - SUBSCRIBER - July 10, 2020, 14:32:56

Good afternoon.

They were a few bugs last night, while I was in Sram Dim:
- if one character from a  group opens a secret passage and all rush to enter, and one is just a lil bit slowish, it gets "trapped" in the door, and can not go back or forward, as in, not back on map nor to enter the secret room; on relog, that character either gets "fixed" or gets tp-ed to Astrub city zaap (which happened to be that character's recall point);
- on one of the first few maps of Sram Dim, a character just "jumped" in air, then was unable to move at all from that air spot; on elog, it got to Astrub city zaap (again, which happened to be that character's recall point);
- several characters got into Sram Dim using portal, ofc, they were over 30 users left, and after a couple of mins they got tp-ed to that portal thinggie on Astrub that is first map as one comes from Incarnum.

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Thank you for the report!

The first bug is already known. For the other issues, we assume they are connected to the first one. To be on the safe side, in case they are not connected, it would be great, if you could provide us with more details about the map, the jumping character got stuck on, like which map exactly and on which position the character was.

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