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Bugs. Old and New. After Patch from August 4th. Pls FWD, to whom it may concern @ Ankama Staff . Tyvm.

By bohemia - SUBSCRIBER - August 06, 2020, 20:15:47

Good evening.

Like the title says, a few old and a few new bugs, after Patch Augut 4th:
----------------August 6th : -------------------------------------

  • - at random times, Launcher or Clients won't close when exiting a Client or the Launcher itself; sometime they can be closed from Task Tray, sometime only by rebooting machine;
  • - the few years old bug, of inability to use any ap/ mp/ weap/ spell, and showing them instead in the pink Team Chat (I think?); can only be "fixed" if one is aware of the "fix": alt-tab away, then alt-tab back to the respective Client;
  • - the elemental states of mobs remain marked, even when all huppers from fight die;
  • - at times, the market windows start to lag in showing the item on which we have clicked, especially after looking at a few; it either starts to lag badly in loading new item clicked on and its prices etc, or just shows the last item that has been viewed; "fix" : close market window, and reopen;
  • - and of course, after some hrs of playing, regardless if intense playing, or mostly afk, game starts to lag and needs reloading, even if the all the time the char/s have been only on a few maps;
  • - moving more characters at same time lags badly the game; if one doesn't have gps or doesn't want to use it (to be able to pick easier resources on the way to destination), and moves a few characters at the same time, 10 maps away, let's say, the game starts to lag; to make it lag less, one has to move 1-2 characters at a time only; cuz of this, when new Pandala came, I needed like 4 to 6 hrs to only do the quest on 5 chars at same time to get to new Pandala ... fun ! not ! ;
  • - at times, when a sale has been consumed, when clicking on the item that has been sold, it would show general characts, like vit 1-50, str 35-60, etc, instead of the characteristic of the item that has been sold;
---------------- August 10th : -----------------------------------------------------
  • - website doesn't want to work with kama exchange function: it requires acc name and pass, but after inputting them correctly, it goes back to log in window for kama exhcnage; it happens pretty often, probs. more than half the times I have tried to log from website;
  • - this has been signaled since ... mounts revamp, which has taken place a long time ago: on the mount menu, the "pen" which opens the name editing function and the "x" to close mount menu are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooo closeeeeeeeeeeee, half the times I click the one I don't intend to, cuz they're THAT close; can't a few more pixels put be there, to distance them properly?
  •  - ...
  • - ...
  • - ...

Please FWD to whom it may concern, if possible, and if having 2 secs free, Tyvm.
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