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Sadi's Class Ring "Hai Ring"

By Lost-Worldz - SUBSCRIBER - November 22, 2020, 06:40:01

The ring is supposed to boost Plaguing Bramble's base damage by 15. After testing on a Poutch both with and without the ring equipped, Plaguing Bramble did the same damage both times.

The ring is not boosting Plaguing Bramble's damage.

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I believe it’s not the base damage which is increased but linear damage. The encyclopedia page ( doesn’t indicate any info about base dmg.
For example if you deal 420-666 dmg without the ring, you are supposed to deal 435-681 with the ring.
It should be true for all class items, they have never ever increased base dmg before, only linear instead.

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It wasn't changing the damage at all, the damage preview showed the same amount of damage both with and without the ring equipped

and 15 flat damage would be pretty sad of a buff for a lvl 175 spell xD

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