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Infinite dreams bug

By NoGoodOnes - SUBSCRIBER - May 04, 2021, 22:57:55

To start off, I have no clue how a game could have such a variety of bugs in just one section of the game. I see several different glitches pertaining to dreams and mine could be added to the list. 

I just finished up the fight on a dream floor and when the fight is over screen came up with the xp and drops etc. it looked as though all 4 of my accounts crashed (this never happens normally if I crash its just one account). So, I relogged my chars and to my surprise, it put me back on the same floor with the same group of monsters to fight even though I had already finished the floor and received the reward for the completion of the fight. I went ahead and just redid the fight since it didn't take too long the first time and when I finished it was as if my accounts crashed once again. However, this time when I relogged and entered dreams, the group leader is invisible and cannot do anything on the dream floor and it says floor 0. Other group members can enter and walk around (but not click on anything) but some group members enter and are  invisible as well. 

This Bug has happened to me twice now and is very frustrating as it is preventing me from doing ebony questlines and other quest involving dreams. 


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